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Highlights of 2008

Ten Shekels and a Shirt - Paris Reidhead

14,000 Things to be Happy about!

Time to Update!

Tasting the Christmas Season



Missing Fellowship

Fabulous Surprise Florida Trip

Finding Grace

Pawn has been moved

Getting Untangled

A Surprising Glance

Brandon Heath -

To Be or not to Be

Being Understood

Unspectacular Details


True Friend

Thank You for Your Comments

Rainy Days

On the way to AFTER...

First Day of Fall

Kittens and Kiddos

Here In Your Presence

François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon

Sarah McLachlan-Ordinary Miracle

Still We Trust

Labor Day

Closing Ceremony

Moving In

More Than I can Imagine

Too Much Fun

Brighter and Brighter!

Over doing it!

No Fear Zone

Retreat Time

You were called to be FREE


A Good Day

Faith Booster

Rocky part of the Journey

House Hunt

Arrived Safely

Hillsong - Adonai

Final Friday


No Other Gods

A Gentle Quiet Whisper

When one part of the Body weeps, we all weep

Good Morning Lord!

O Satisfy us early....

He is like the Wind...

I love Fridays!!!

Some Evening Thoughts

Good Effort


The Little Things

Showers of Blessing

It's Friday!

New Friends

My Brothers

Golden List

I love my Mom