No Other Gods

Hey you all!

I just read about a study called "No Other Gods"...the LPM Blog is inviting us to join in for a summer study using this book. I am going to do it - anyone else want to join me and share comments and posts throughout the summer on this study? Visit the LPM Blog to find more if you want the "full scale" - My summer is unpredictable right now so i will do it solo unless i run into someone who is close, but the blog will provide a "meeting place." Anyhow, i thought it would be great! I will pick up my copy soon at LifeWay.

Leave a comment if you want to join me! IF not, leave one anyway and let me know who is looking at my blog...i have lots of hits and i often wonder, who found me from CANADA? or Europe? or...MONGOLIA (Hi Amanda - i know it is you!) ;-)


Mike said…
Hello Tammie. I found you from London, England! Thanks for reading my story and leaving a comment. Blessings :)
I probably will not join you..but look forward to reading your posts on the subject!

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