Good Effort

I found this to be quite amusing! It is quite a sad fact that our sin nature pushes us to see how far we can go....and even though we live in a wonderful country, i get discouraged when i see how sick our society is getting....but this is very cute. I read this on Fox New's website, a northern town tried to use comedy to get people to obey the law - one of the simplest ones: STOP at the stop signs...unfortunately, they have to take these down but i thought it was a valiant effort! A sense of humor goes a long way! Go check it out on FOXnews website - there are more!


david mcmahon said…
You're so right about a sense of humour going a long way.

I agree whole heartedly.
Ah..they had to take them down!!?? Bummer! :)
I heard from a little bird that you are having a go of it right now...wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and praying.
Tammie said…
Thanks :-) that bird must have flown a long way... Someday, maybe i can get a chance to sit down and talk it over w/ ya. I want to walk in the Freedom that is mine...Through His Power in me.

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