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Bits of My Day

Having fun with my New Camera.  I had an idea to chronicle my day.... these are a few things that delighted my heart this morning on my walk with Sasha.

Summing up the Summer

I began this summer with a whisper from God.  It sounded a lot like Psalm 46:10: "Bestill, andknowthat I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

I knew I was facing a challenging summer.  I knew I would be alone; a lot.  I feared I would be alone, a lot.  Yet, God was whispering, "Be Still.... and Know."

My eyes bugged out at the thought; I felt very vulnerable yet I knew the Lord was doing this on purpose. He wanted me to Know Him better.  I said I wanted to know Him, but did I really want to get to know Him through being stripped of relationships that were feeling cozy; honestly, I did not like that thought or the feeling of losing the covering and safety of precious relationships.  OH, LORD, do I have to be in this place again?  

"Oh Lord" - yes, those were the words I used but not necessarily with a heart of submission.  He saw this and let the loneliness do its work.  He moved in the dark recesses and showed me some…

Our God is Greater - Chris Tomlin

Borrowed Light

The Lord on high is mighty. He is for us and not against us. And, though He is lofty, He looks upon the humble and contrite heart with favor.

I just read this on Beth Moore's blog... I thank the Lord for His Favor today!

36 Top Memories From this Past Year

1.  Friendships:  This year was blessed with various people who enriched my life.  To New and Old, Thank You for sharing your life with mine... one can only be blessed when we open our hearts to love.

2.  Adventures:  I can already tell I may have to get more specific - so, we will start broad and move down... From sailing into the sunset on Lake Murray, to my weekend in Ashville with the girls to my first visit to Yoghut and Contra Dancing, each and every adventure was loved!

3.  Family! My whole family were here this year.  "Here" must be defined! HERE in the USA! My brother and his family were home on furlough, so we enjoyed many holidays, parties, and good times hanging out together!

4.  Four Seasons:  Living in SC has it's advantages - I loved experiencing each season: HOT HUMID FRUITFUL summer ;Vibrant, cool Fall, Snow (at least twice!) and a reason to drink lots of hot drinks and make yummy soups Winter, lovely & surprising Spring.... each season was distinctl…

Now Is Not Forever - But It begins today

Quietness. I hear the ticking of my housemates clock, the steady hum of the refrig, bubbles in my tummy, the mechanics of my camera as I try to take a snap shot of my kitty all balled up on a pillow at the top of the bed in my guest room/my quiet time area.....far off tweets of birds outside... and a loud crank of the air conditioning flipping on.

Ahhh, that feels good.

I started rousing at my usual time this morning, around six; it's not my gym day so I usually indulge until a little after seven. Not this morning, I would like to say in a holy voice, "The Lord woke me up and got me out of bed this morning..." but it would be more truthful to say the voice yelling at me this morning was my own. Of course, in my head, "GET OUT OF BED!"

I have been bothered by some rumblings inside of me lately and the morning hours seem to be when I am most objective, most sensitive to His voice and when it is most quiet - inside and out. So, I threw on my shorts and sneaker…

New Camera

I have been blessed with a new Camera!! :-) I am so excited over it... "i can't stop smilin'".... so, here are some random shots with my new toy: