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New Blog Layout!

Isn't it fantastic? Blogger finally added some wonderful features to help us blogging folks look a bit like we know what we are doing... well, i for one, am pretty simple in my knowledge about fixing a blog up but i do enjoy messing around with it, making it look like "me." So, they (who is "they?" the folks behind the blogspot machine) have changed some things with the set up and design and created it so it is easy to make it more unique and beautiful! I love it!

So, what do you think? Do you like my new Spring look....? Fresh huh... Anyhow, i am pleased.

Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!

Crazy Love

God has been doing so much in my heart and I feel at times I am about to burst with excitement over Him. Over the past two plus years He has been gently walking me through dark shadows of doubt, anger, confusion and lies I was allowing to live in me. The biggest burst of light came on Valentines day.

Before I share what He did then... I need to walk you back a little bit. When I was 14, I experienced profound spiritual growth - as well as physical, mental, emotional transformation. I remember having one of my first revelations of spiritual understanding; the First and Greatest command. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself." God opened my eyes to understand this wonderful command; if we did this there would be NO problems, all would be perfect. I could literally SEE it and I prayed God would help me to Love Him and others. This revelation is like one of those memory stones you put in your bag as you journey thr…

Facebook Relapse

It is the start of a new week and I just feel like blogging. I figured I needed to confess that I had a relapse yesterday; i guess I can more easily sympathize with those who are addicted to something now... it is hard to give up something you like!! It's been about 7 weeks or more since I took my "facebook fast" commitment and during those weeks I have only gotten on twice - I still receive emails regarding some of the posts and comments and notes I receive through my FB account, I respond to ones that are important and need an immediate reply through email or a phone call. Makes you think... if we really want to connect, those are avenues that put you voice to voice or make it more personal. FB is great; I miss the networking and updates from family and friends but living without it hasn't been too hard... except when I get an itching to be nosey and look at pictures or see what in the world is going on with folks i love and enjoy. I didn't share this thoug…

Happy Spring!!!

With JOY I welcome the First Day of SPRING!!! IT truly is a day worth celebrating!! At 1:32PM it will officially be Spring!!! AND, today is also my big brother's 40th birthday! I wish I could be with him and his sweet family to celebrate - I love you Brother!

I am working on homework today; studying the doctrine of sin, writing up my creed of anthropology... sounds like I am smart - don't be fooled. :-) It is good to study God's word and grow in understanding of who HE is and Who I am... that is what it all about: Truth! I need to get back to my reading.... I just wanted to celebrate today with a post... it is the season to Celebrate our RISEN SAVIOR!!

Home Again, Home Again

My dad always says that after a long trip and it was always a comfort to see our vehicle safely pull into the driveway of our house. I heard myself saying those very words last night as I turned the corner at the head of my block, when I could finally see my house, "Home again, home again." I was very glad to see my little house!

I have been in NC for the previous five nights; what was originally a three night weekend was extended when an opportunity dropped into my lap to make some good money and use my well learned painting skills. Again, thanks goes to my wonderful dad who taught me and my brothers how to work. "A good painter always carries a rag..." kept ringing in my head as well... another of my dad's infamous quotes. That piece of advice went a long way as I painted my arms off the last two days.

I marvel at how the pieces came together in the last few days. God has been helping me release my tendency to control - I really did not see myself as a &…

Golden List: Repeat Topic

This should be repeated a LOT. Today, I need to tell my soul to look up. So, for those who aren't familiar with a "golden List" it comes from the book called "The Ultimate Gift" but follows after an older command; that of being thankful!! The Golden List is a practice of thinking of at least TEN things that you are thankful for EVERYDAY... preferrably BEFORE rolling out of bed. Well, I didn't exactly think of doing this at 5:27AM this morning, it was more like... "oh I hope i have another hour to sleep..." Nope. 3 minutes until my alarm would go off... my day started.

So... it is a little late in the day, but I need to do this. If you want to join me, add at least ONE thing You are thankful for in the comments section.

1. Good health
2. A quiet moment to reflect
3. A break from school
4. A road trip this weekend!!
5. Time with sweet friends this weekend!!
6. my skin looks good today... (okay, random, but I like it when my skin looks bright a…

Keepin' It Real

Waiting for the coffee to brew. I opened up a "New Post" window a few minutes ago, wanting to post about the amazing reflections from finishing Watchman Nee's book, "The Normal Christian Life" but the ground is still trembling in my heart. God has profoundly used this book to meet me - Specifically, personally, powerfully. The words of reflection haven't completely formed. For right now, the phrase, "Jesus Only Jesus" comes to mind.

The conclusion of the book met me with something I had been somewhat wrestling with just in the last few days. Seriously, I love how intimate God is. His words circled around one of my very favorite Bible stories... the Alabaster Box; pouring out our best on the Lord. Wasting ourselves on Him. That is where true satisfaction comes from. Time to quote....

Have our eyes been open to see the preciousness of the one whom we are serving? Have we come to see that nothing less than the dearest, the costliest, the mo…

For the Record....

IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!!! (I thought I was in South Carolina?!)

Happy March!!

A New month, a new job, a new class (online), a new week: I like new beginnings! Spring is coming.... oooooh, I can't tell you how excited I am to see Spring - flowers, green grass, warm sunshine, windy days (to sail!), maybe planting an herb garden (I hope!), EASTER! Yeah, I LIKE SPRING! My heart is full and if it could have a face, Smiling. God has been doing some amazing things in my heart, I will be posting more about that later but I can only rejoice over His Faithfulness and tenderness to me. I may even be a little radiant today....Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5