So my photography skills have been improving with some practice, some coaching, and editing experts... here is my latest, most amazing picture... with the help and a bit of tweaking the color is stunning... I plan to have this one made into a canvas or something... I love it so much!  

I am a novice when it comes to photography.  I am progressing with this skill... I am always surprised when I take a shot and it is exceptionally good! Here are a few fun photo's of all sorts of things... I am going to update this as I gain skills... the top 4 are most recent, shot Summer of 2013!

One of my favorite activities on the lake, one of my favorite times of day...

My Favorite work jeans... they were my favorite jeans... and I notice I have two shots of my knees... I am fond of my toes, as you may well know.

Playing with a black & white filter...

Lots of fun color, textures and light here... and depth of field

My Dandelion Garden... 

Sunrise on Waterford

Grad Retreat

My Favorite.

Sunrise in FL

Sasha in Black and White

My Daily Bread

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