Drenched in His Goodness

God amazes me over and over and over!!!! My Cup Overflows!! (yes, i am excited and MUST use those exclamation points!)

This would be me... on Myrtle Beach; it was MUCH COLDER than I anticipated.... note the few layers of clothing I am sporting.  I was extremely thankful my wool footies made it in my suitcase...  when your feet are warm and dry, it makes the dreadful cold bearable.  :-)
I attended a retreat this weekend and it wasn't so much that it was a power-packed event but that I saw His hand pulling pieces of Words, Truth, glimpses of treasures of Himself, in His Word together.  Almost as if all the things He has been bringing to my heart and mind over the last year culminated this weekend into a blast of understanding and eye-opening revelation!

Saturday was the main day for me; Friday, God was whispering to me, "prepare your heart."  (Note previous blog post!) As I looked down into my soul, my heart was gripping something that was out of my control and causing me anxiety.  I knew what I had to do as the first few notes of worship began Friday: surrender and ask God to have His way in the things I could not control.  My heart immediately released it's grip and was open and ready.  It was then I felt Him whisper... "pull up to the table..." He had been preparing a Table of Truth, Goodness, Richness for me... for over a YEAR ... even longer than that... it was time for a Feast.

The banquet began! It was RICH, it was Delicious... my soul was AWAKE, HUNGRY and Receptive to take it in.  By Saturday evening my soul felt like firecrackers of Light was going off!!! I got back to my room, found some solitude and went over all the notes I had taken.  I literally felt a gurgling of thanksgiving, delight, laughter and wonder filling my heart!! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!

I will share more about the Pieces of Truth He tied together for me in the next few days... and hopefully splash some of this Delight upon you!  What delicacies!!

For now... it will have to wait.

To top off my weekend, I came home and met a friend for dinner who graciously gave me a wonderful new toy... as my phone died last week.  Can you guess what it is!!? I feel like a kid in a candy shop, I am so ecstatic over it!!  It even has a cool pink cover over it! :-)


Melanie said…
Awesome on all accounts! :D
Billy said…
A pink-eye-phone! God is so good.
Tammie said…
He Definitely is filling my cup!! He is SO GOOD!
notpoems said…
Tammie, this is beautiful. can't wait to hear more. (thanks for using my picture. ;-) I'm glad at least one came out okay!)

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