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Renovating Here - Notice some changes...

If you have been following me here, you will be well aware I have been neck-deep in a huge renovation project.  This last week, it has about done me in! I don't know if I am receiving some physical notices that I am getting older... but every part of my body is "powerful worn out" (know where that quote comes from??)!

Since I am in the renovating mindset, I thought it was time to make some updating changes on my blog.  I wanted to add a few gadgets to make it more interesting, give me some better feedback, and freshen it up a bit.  As you can see the "gadgets" are on a slide out thing to the right of the screen: notice I have added a "Popular Posts" gadget.  You will also notice there are some feedback and sharing tools for you! I also added a few links to my "about me" page, if you are just coming through for the first time (or have only visited a few times), stop by and let's officially meet!
I would LOVE more feed back, so please leav…

Sanding as I reflect on Singleness

I can't believe it's only been a week since last Monday - see previous post and you will understand.  Funny how time can seen to go so fast and yet seem so slow and long or full and more than it actually was: it seems like a month ago!  Maybe I just mentally and emotionally distance myself from humiliating experiences.  My own form of denial? ;-)

Update on my Kitchen:  testing a stain color, all cabinet doors have been sanded and wiped down, last of the paint over and around the kitchen window and shelf area is being extremely difficult to remove.  My goal is to have the cabinets stained, and put all back together by the weekend.  The rest can and will need to wait a few months... but it will get finished, Lord willing, by Christmas.

So... I have been inspired through a fellow blogger's series on singleness.  Not an unfamiliar topic: I could have easily written "Times I hate singleness" - in fact I may come up with my own post of reasons soon.  Anyhow, I found hi…

Dangers of Being a Single Woman: practicing vulnerability

Right this moment my arms feel like rags, my kitchen looks like a well used workshop with old paint scrapping covering the ugly linoleum, exposed shelves as at least half the cabinet doors are propped up along the walls and bottom cabinet area.   It's a mess.

I am worn out.  I am pushing harder to finish this project before I start up with my school year responsibilities in a week!  (A Week!!) I would like to have my kitchen reassembled, maybe even with a new coat of stain on them by next weekend??? My best helper is showing up Monday, hopefully: Dad, my hero.

I have had some unusual circumstances this week...

On Monday, just as I was unscrewing cabinet hardware and prepping to brush on the paint remover,  I heard a nice friendly knock is at my front door.  A comfortably dressed young man in a bright orange shirt was standing on my porch.  I greeted him, he politely introduced himself.  He had a few clipboard size items in his hands and since it was hot and humid outside, I invited…

More Renovating With Purpose

Good Morning!

June flew by like a tornado in my neck of the woods, and it seems July is doing about the same.  Though here in South Carolina, it's more like a flood with all the rain dumping on us!  I am glad I don't have to worry with building an ark!

With the exhilaration of a new job, the summer weeks have opened up for me to do a few little projects around my house.  So far, with the sweet helping hands of a few friends, two rooms have been painted and my kitchen is finally getting some attention!  Here are a few pictures:

In the midst of all the scrubbing, scraping, stripping and scouring of my kitchen, I am scouting for a nice new counter top, some backsplash and new lighting.  The end will hopefully expose the beautiful wood floor under the current linoleum as well.  My vision currently leans toward applying a clear finish on the wood cabinets if the wood continues to strip well and the sanding cleans off the bumps and scratches.  IF not, I will paint them, again.  If…

Rend Collective Experiment - Build Your Kingdom Here OFFICIAL

Need I say More?