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The Little Things

I woke up happy this morning...something felt smooth and pretty on my hands and feet - My fingernails and toes were polished with perfection and it just makes a girl happy to feel pretty! I laughed as i mused at how girls are.... Something like a pedicure just really does make a woman feel good. (If you can get over paying someone else to paint your toes....which is hard for me sometimes; i always feel a little guilty having someone wash my feet....hmm, it does cause you to reflect about Jesus washing the disciples feet...) Anyhow, that is a rabbit i want to write soon.

For those trekking along w/ me - the last few weeks i have been camping out in Jacksonville, as i am teaching at a high school near here. I am staying w/ a friend who has a lovely apartment and a very cool coffee maker....that made me smile too this morning! Something about the smell of fresh coffee brewing that just wakes you up in a real nice way!

One more thing made me smile this morning...Jacksonville is…

Showers of Blessing

I began to title this entry as "My cup overflows"....but i ran across this picture...and i decided i like it! Dancing in the rain is FUN - if you have never tried it, it is totally worth getting wet.

I am so thankful for My Cup does overflow, and i danced in my showers of blessing this weekend. Sometimes when we get to the end of our work week, we just want to crash at home...but a Sabbath is meant to refresh, yes, resting does come in the form of sleep but refreshment comes from the Lord (as does true rest!). I was refreshed this weekend by being around my family, and loved ones...and going to church...and being a part of Church...and Hearing from the Lord. I heard someone say, a good day is when we have heard from the Lord. No matter what happens, if we receive from Him, it is always GOOD! So i the day, in the weekend, in my family and friends and mostly in My Lord! He is so good to me!

All my blessings were wonderful this totally caught …

It's Friday!

I am SO glad that America created a 5 day work week. Back before the 1920's, the work week was longer.... Can you believe working 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week? Though I do know of a few occupations that have insane work hours....and there are Many people out there who WORK hard; God really knew what He was doing when He installed ONE day to rest. That is good! Thank You Lord! So....even though my weekend looks full, I do get to sleep a few extra hours and enjoy a more relaxed schedule for about 48 hours...Let's slow down this weekend, and enjoy a Sabbath day. I pray YOU enjoy a wonderful weekend - I will enjoy a cup of tea some where in my next 48 hours!

New Friends

I had such a wonderful time last night! I love the longer days Spring brings us - and i love living in Florida - and I love it when i get to look at the beautiful sunset sky, stand by a body of water and drink in LIFE and enjoy new friends!

Last night i spend the evening with some new friends! My friend has two sweet precious little girls - who are full of life! Being that i don't have children of my own, i love it when kids smile and laugh and allow me to be a kid with them. In fact, the smallest of the two made me laugh as we played last night. We had meandered to a park by the St. John's river, it had a magnificent tree that just begged to be climbed! I scampered up the tree and the little one said, "Isn't if fun to be a kid!" (or something very close to that!) Yes, it IS FUN to be a kid...even when you are in your mid-30's! We enjoyed the fresh evening racing, and playing and picking up trash - as it was EARTH DAY, and we were doing our part in ke…

My Brothers

Here I sit, tears streaming down my face - it is not often that a teacher will sit in her classroom, so touched by the content of her subject that the heart is touched, triggering a memory. It is one of the richest moments to experience.

I teach history, American history to be precise. Today we finished watching a video about WWI and the devastation the world experienced through that travesty. As I have walked with my students through this time period, my memory has been stirred. A memory floats up from a book in the "Anne of Green Gables" series - of which i was a huge fan. My favorite in the series was the final book, "Rilla of Ingleside." For those who are familiar with Anne, Rilla was Anne's youngest daughter. This story took place during the early 1900's and WWI weaves into the story in a fantastic way. (you must read it!)

Anyhow, I identified with Rilla in a special way. She had a very special relationship with her brother - very much like …

Golden List

About a year ago i read the book called "The Ultimate Gift." They made a movie out from it, but as usual, the movied doesn't even come close to the book. From that book my roommate and i decided to adopt something in the book that inspired both of us: The habit of being Thankful! It illustrates the power of being thankful - God's Word tells us many times to BE THANKFUL: a golden list - as the book expressed it - is naming ten things you are thankful for as soon as you wake up! My roommate pulled out an old white board and posted it on the refrigerator and wrote on the top: The Golden List. For weeks we were pretty consistant on writing out ten things we were thankful for....sometimes we would miss a day just because we were so busy but we still tried to stop and list ten things....whatever came to mind worked! i am going to list thirteen things ( my sis-in-love does the Thursday Thirteen so lets make it 13 today!).

1. Beautiful blue skies!
2. A goo…

I love my Mom

I love my mom. I really do have a wonderful mom. I am so thankful for a mom who i can call one of my best friends. She is a good listener. I have always thought my mom had a special ability to really say the RIGHT thing. She has always shown me how to think of others more than myself. And, she always looks at herself when offended or hurt and tries to see what needs to adjust in her before pointing an accusing finger. I love that. She is the picture of "I can't change them so what does God want me to change in myself." She is the worlds most gracious and loving servant....she finds JOY in serving. Seriously! She would rather be the one on her feet, doing for others than to sit down and be served. I have always loved her sence of humor. She can laugh at herself when she is clumsy, she has never been a self conscious person - always able to find humor in something or herself. I wish i could be more like that as i am too concerned about what others think! Many…

Great Week - Time to Go Home

It has been a wonderful week. I SING His Praise! Do you ever feel that God has you in HIS CLASSROOM? That is how i feel. So many thoughts have passed through my head this week - so many little tidbits i felt the Lord whispering into my Spirit. Some of those thoughts were....

My sweet friend Emily...she was killed last year on April 20 in a car accident. She was only 23, vibrant, loving Jesus and just such a unique person. She touched MANY...her death seemed (still seems) so untimely...and she comes to mind lots. My heart is heavy for the grief i know her family is still experiencing....missing her so badly. I miss her too.

Thoughts of her....lead me to think of Heaven...and what she may want to say to us. Heaven is our home...i prayed with more fervency this week that I would be more heavenly minded...Seeking first His Kingdom. All else will burn, fade, die...disappear.

I also had thoughts of marriage...and the mystery that it is....i am still on the single side of relati…

Full Of Thanks

Hello Everyone!

I have to send out a HUGE THANKS to you all who have been praying for me this week. As you know from a previous post, i started teaching this week in a new school. I have the wonderful privilege of teaching two subjects i love: History and Bible!! I was quite apprehensive about this position as it is in a public school - and it is an "inner city" school as well. You don't exactly want to take an evening stroll around this area.

God has totally blessed me this week....for one, i have a wonderful peace in my heart and mind. It is my tendency to get quite worked up and stressed about preparing and having my stuff together....for teaching. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my classroom. As i prepared for this endeavor, i rediscovered my love for history! I have a degree in history...but it has been a while since i have gotten to teach it. was like watching an exciting thriller before me as i prepared...and i could not wait to sh…

Thank You!

I received an award...problem is i don't know how to transfer it to my blog - i am currently utilizing the library computer system so it is hard to cut and paste from site to site...will try when i get on a non-public computer! BUT, Thank You Melanie for my "Friends" Award! Love ya!

Being a Woman

Women - myself fitting in that category very well - are mysterious. I am sure we all know we have our emotional cycles...i have heard a comedian say we are really only on a level emotional plain one week out of the four that fill a month! This week has been a hard week - all those horrible feelings of insecurity, ugliness, ultra-sensitive and just plain grumpiness all poured together into a long seven days(my poor sweet family and friends who put up with me deserve an award!). Last night i just had a crying fit with the Lord and found myself saying, "And i don't really know why i am so upset?!" I had to laugh at myself as i could see/hear the Lord (My Husband) smiling down in amusement and saying..."you are a woman, my dear...."

I know i am not the only one who walks through the sloshy-emotional swamps - so if you can just raise your hand and say - "yep, been there, done that" - it would be so encouraging to me! :-) Thanks!