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I confess: I hate making decisions. I also hate it when no one makes a decision. Choosing a restaurant, a movie, menu item... not monumental but still a decision. It is the monumental ones that leave my knees shaking. When I was younger there was a pretty strong teaching about "missing the Will of God!" Scary! What if I choose the wrong college? What if i choose the wrong vocation? What if I choose the wrong spouse!? I was very young when that last one became a fear in my mind; maybe 10 or 11? I was encouraged a few weeks ago when I went to lunch with a bunch of gals and we began sharing about our pre-teen/teenage loves: I was in love with Michael Hasselhauff when I was 8! Ha! It is pretty normal for little girls to dream about meeting their prince; we had some good laughs over how we saw these men through rose colored glasses. Anyone remember they childhood dreamboat? Would love to hear!

So, back to the topic... decisions, God's Will... The "what if's&quo…


Eh-hum. I am bored. I have no super spiritual insights, no funny stories, no pictures to post: Just plain boredom here.

I have studied a few hours this morning... my mind was good and focused, now it is just tired of studying. Plus, I am missing the other half of my review sheet...

I have cleaned and picked up...

I have eaten lunch already (it's not even 12 noon yet). I try not to munch too much while I am at work... the place I work have LOTS of yummy munchies... they are sweet and generous but if I am not careful.....

I have played spider solitaire... a few times; I use to be good at the game but of the three times I started playing it this morning... I quite before "winning." Pathetic.

I AM looking forward to finishing my class this week, as then I will be able to delve into some fun reading of my choice. Here are a few books I have in mind:

The Shack
The Normal Christian Life (again, slower this time)
Crazy Love

Any other recommendations anyone? Some light …

When God Closes a Door, He opens a Window!

Remember that line in "The Sound of Music?" Well, God did this for me this weekend, LITERALLY! It doesn't seem like such a big deal but I can't get over the tremendous sense that God was with me and took care of me....

I was housesitting in NC and had gone out for dinner with a dear friend. I returned home just as it was getting dark. It had been raining a lot, and I had left the poor puppies (Sasha and Logos) out in the yard while I was gone. They were happy to see me return and glad to come inside to a dry house - Logos is not use to Sasha' energy, plus he is an early to bed dog! I usually find him settling down for the night by 8pm. Sasha settles down too... but we were in a strange place and there are too many new things for her to miss... so she stays on the alert most of the time we are there. Anyhow... Logos was more than happy to come inside but Sasha was begging for some play so I went outback to play with her and closed the door behind me.

I realiz…

NC Retreat

It's a lovely rainy NC morning... yes, I love NC. I am housesitting for some of my favorite peeps... and though it may be a service to them, it is a blessing to me! Their little house is so cute - I have to confess I just about covet over it... seriously, I would so like to have it as my own! The yard and view and set up of the place suits me perfectly... but more than the aesthetics of the place... God's Spirit is here... the relationship and love my friends share with the Lord bring such a spillage of HIS PRESENCE here.... and I get to rest in it for 48 hours. Not that HE doesn't bless me and where I live... sometimes it is simply a re-locating for a few days that helps you hear from Him and pull closer to Him and forget the usual things that distract. So, I am enjoying a personal retreat this weekend... and God has greeted me with raindrops this morning... i love it. Thank You Lord.

Summer Projects

Yaaaa- HOOOOOO!!! Today was my LAST DAY Of class.... I am almost, officially finished with the semester. I must say "almost" because I have two weeks to finish an online class; but today was my last day to sit in class! :-) The Lord is so good - I am glad to have another semester behind me yet sad because... the friends I have made through my classes have grown so sweet to my heart that seeing this season end is bittersweet. *sniff!*
Summer, Let's begin! As my previous post stated, my summer is looking like a blank canvas; anything could happen. Here are some things that have been tumbling into my brain to fill this canvas besides sailing, of course! Here are some of my ideas:
Remodel my dining room! I have been in this house two years and have worked on several of the other rooms - the bathroom, my bedroom, and the front living room... (it only has three bedrooms and one bath, so that is about half of the house!). I have a vision for my dining room. Here is what it …

Wide Open

My summer is looking... kind of vague.  I have a few things planned: family visits, a summer class in July, housesitting in NC, more sailing... but this summer is going to miss a few things - like a few key friends who make it more fun.  I am sure I will find plenty of fun this summer, God always gives me something to delight in if I keep my eyes open and focused on Him.  Yet, right now... i am a little dampened in my spirit... Over the last year or so... I have had to say "good-bye" to friends who grew close to my heart.. and now it is time to do it again.  Ouch.  They go on, I am happy to see them being led by His Faithful Hand.. and I am happy I have had the chance to expand my heart, even if it hurts.

So, this summer will be a surprise I am sure... I am wide Open Lord.... I ask for YOUR blessings.  I pray for a few friends to join me on the sailboat... some to go to the beach with... ice cream stops.... house project partners... road trip travelers... and Heaven Dreame…

8 Days

My Facebook Fast is almost over! :-) I will try not to binge the first day. (lol) Shall we have a "Welcome Back" Party... how do you have a party on Facebook? I think a lot of "welcome back" comments will be fun!

My roommate has challenged me about this whole fast thing: "what good has it done?" and what will be different when it is over? Hmmmm, well, it has taught me not to find "connections" through technology(or at least not a primary means of connection) but in real time with people. I want to use FB as a tool and not as a community. Finally, this has challenged me to use it in moderation. Balance... seems to be the key to all of life. God gives us so much to enjoy and use - it is when I begin substituting use of these things for the real thing. The human heart is a mysterious thing... it is deceptively idolatrous... sin does sneak up on us; the enemy, our flesh, the world ... is shrewd.

Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me…

Isaiah 55:2

This is one of my favorite verses... I love this whole chapter. This is a different version and something caught my eye this morning about how it is worded:

Why do you spend money for what is not bread,
And your wages for what does not satisfy?
Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good,
And let your soul delight itself in abundance.

We have SO much in Christ....... I am learning to live in Grace. It's kind of like that lame man who sat beside the pool for 38 years.... he had to learn to think differently. Tasting grace is delicious... I often forget I am allowed to sit at the table and eat freely every day. Every moment. He offers me GOOD things... and i can delight in it. :-) I am experiencing a learning curve.