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Check Out My Book Shelf!

Books are SUCH treasures! A friend sent me a link to a new widget I could not resist! I love reading and enjoy sharing my treasures with others. Take a look at my "Book Shelf" and see if you find something interesting and new to enjoy! Have fun!

New Challenge

A new challenge has come upon my journey. As i look in front of me, the path holds a climb over some unfamiliar and challenging terrain that i have not faced before. As some of you know from previous posts, i currently substitute in the public schools. Though i am a certified teacher, i am at such a place in my life that this fits me nicely and God provides my needs. During February i was with a class for a long period of time, thus i get to know the kids better and carry the classroom in a more traditional manner.

I have picked up another long term assignment. I have the opportunity to teach Bible and History in a school that is more liberal than the one i have been working in. It has an inner-city feel to it. As i have begun to prepare for this opportunity (i have taught Bible before in a Christian school - THIS IS MUCH DIFFERENT!) i have found the text they are using for the Bible class is quite liberal...i can hardly read it without feeling physically sick. Thankfully i …


I would like to welcome the Cooks to the world of BLOGGING! They are a wonderful family who i fellowship with - and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with today (Happy Resurrection Day!) and a good lesson of Bocci - a very cool yard game that is fun and could be quite competitive if you played it w/ a few folks i am related to....Okay, you guys ready? Next family gathering, we should try it!

Anyhow, i have helped my dear friends the Cooks create a blog, On the Cookie Counter (I am not sure how to enter it as a link, so look at my favorite blogs for access) go welcome our new friends!

Been Tagged ~ Thanks!

What was I doing 10 years ago? 1998

I was 24, working on finishing my teaching degree in Toccoa, GA.
I worked at Lake Swan Camp for my second summer - LOVED IT.
I loved school, living at Paradise Mt. and with Wendy as my roomie! We had so much fun - riding horses, drinking tea, laughing together - dreaming of love and life and what God had for us!
I remember that pivotal visit with my SIL in CO - it was a tough, delicate week - how my heart hurt for her.
I was driving a Honda was a 92, i loved it too!

5 things on my to-do list today ~
Go to the store :-)
Compile an egg cassarole for our Church's Easter Brunch.
Call a friend and invite her to church tomorrow.
Read a book a friend let me borrow.
Possibly...get started on my closet....or watch tv ~ not feeling like i want to Work today, so will probably put the closet off for another day!

Snacks I enjoy ~
FResh fruit - pineapple, peaches, mango, Gala Apples...
Fresh bread - with butter and honey!

Things I would do…

Charles Martin

I have delightfully discovered a new Christian author that i MUST share as i SOOOOOOOOO enjoyed the novel, "When Crickets Cry"....a novel of the heart. If you are itching for a good, heart-stirring book - check out this new book and get acquainted with Charles Martin. His website is He has others, and i am here at the library now to get a second novel by him ...time to go home and curl up w/ his next book.

Too Funny!

How fun is that! I just finished reading LPM blogspot (see my favorites!) and Beth wrote about going to the grocery store! I felt like i was walking in the store with her - and all her comments about forgetting a list and getting distracted had me busting a gut as i do the same thing....i make a list, and it gets lost between the car and the store somehow!!

I love laughing! It has been a good day today! The Joy of the Lord is our strength! Back to Beth's share a low-guilt treat we like! My recent is vanilla yogurt w/ chucks of mango! I found a brand of frozen fruit, mango being one of my personal fav's - i toss a few chucks in and let it thaw a little...oh boy, it is YUM-O!


I am thankful for this blogsite. God has used it to help me have an outlet of the things in my heart, to express myself. Tonight, i have a few thoughts....

The past few weeks have been something amazing to me. I feel like a door has opened in my life and sunshine is flooding in and around me as i step forth into a new place. I assume we all have things in our lives that we have spend a lot of time trying to figure out why it happened, where we messed up, why we seem to repeat patterns that are stupid and we swim around (or I swim around) in a place that is dark and depressing. I am one of those people who think alot...and sometimes i begin going down this spiral of questions finding no answers, digging a deep dark hole...then i begin to say, "LORD, HELP ME OUT OF HERE!"....He is so patient to come and pull me out....then, somehow, sometimes, i go back and look down that dark feet get too close to the edge and the dirt gives way and i fall back down...."Lo…