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Though He slay me...

"take these truths, day by day... preach to yourself... may you sing with confidence that you are made NEW and CARED for..."

I have been in Job recently... and this video is perfect as I think about the deep, unimaginable suffering Job went through... and my own response when I have a bad day.

Hope you are blessed through this video.

Prim Plans pale to His Power

This past weekend God did something that I don't want to forget.  If your life was written as a biblical account, how would it sound?  This past weekend would have been a "God-Moment" for sure in my account.

As you know if you have been reading my blog, I have stepped back into the classroom; with that comes new and old ground.  The old ground is not necessarily my best moments, and honestly, feelings, I did not want to repeat.  But, in a God-like fashion, He gives redeeming experiences, to reframe, so-to-speak, things that seemed painful yet hold eternal treasures of joy and beauty.  Not sure if that makes any sense to you - but I guess I am trying to say, sometimes the things, times, relationships, or experiences that have caused us deep pain are places we need and must revisit in the power of God, to know true healing.  Just a tid-bit from my counselor heart and mind.  And since I am living it... It's simply testimony to His glorious work in me.

Okay, so... back o…

The Big One

Ahem.  I turned 40 this past week.  I missed blogging on my actual birthday but its good I did not blog because I have been an emotional mess this last week.

Confession: it's been hard swallowing this one.

With this past week being my first dip back into teacher land and my BIG birthday tucked in the middle, I was a little emotionally overwhelmed.  I still have not wrapped my brain around it.

Just being vulnerable here!

I was tremendously blessed through lots of cards, birthday wishes, calls, and even a visit from my parents as well as a series of comments on Facebook regarding the significance of the number 40, especially this one:

I'm hearing that after 40 years of gathering/experiencing/processing/feeling/ are ready for a new era - an era of refreshing/being refreshed/walking in your true identity. Because nothing is wasted, and all that you have already walked through will be empowering you to live in the Spirit and listen to Him as you never have before. H…

Joy in His Grace and Glory

Good Morning!

I am revving up with excitement this morning.

Less than 2 hours until the Willowcreek Leadership Summit commences!  And, the cutest outfit has come together this morning - gals you know that gets you in a fun mood when just the right earrings matches up with the perfect top and shoes... it is just positively joyful! :-)

3 days until teachers officially ascend back down into classrooms....

6 days until I officially begin a new decade :-)

Mountains of thoughts to share! This is just to whet your appetite: is your cup empty?  God directly answered the cry of my heart this past week, thus pouring shameless Joy all over me!  As one of my favorite preachers commonly says, when you get to the root, you rid of the fruit of worry, anxiety, and fear.

I just Love Him for being so faithful!

Just this morning... I was so blessed in Psalm 84 (one of my favorite psalms - the subtitle of this blog comes from this!):

O God, behold our shield,
And look upon the face of Your anointed. For…