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God Is AWESOME! Yes, He has provided me a JOB!!! AND i start tomorrow!!! YIPPEEEEE!!! AND it will allow me to close on my house much sooner!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

A Good Day

I am sitting in a little deli in my hometown of Melrose. I just finished of a yummy grilled veggie wrap.

I woke up at 3:30 AM Sunday morning and was unable to go back to sleep. As i lay there - after putting my two year old niece back in her bed since she had rolled off her little bed (the thud was probably what originally woke me!) - I realized my week would increasingly get busy, with the possibility of a job starting up in Columbia, SC. I knew I needed to get back to Melrose to pack up my room and my earthly belongings so get it ready to move up to SC. So, i hopped up as quietly as i could and shoved my toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse, popped my contacts in, and headed South.

As i drove, it was still dark and i was happy to be up to see the morning miracle of dawn! I also enjoyed a moment of thankfulness; being single i have the freedom of doing what i was doing - spontaneously jumping in my car, with as little packed as ever, and heading out! Oh the bliss of singlene…

Faith Booster

"Does He who implanted the ear not hear? Does he who formed the eye not see? Does he who disciplines nations not punish? Does he who teaches man lack knowledge? The LORD knows the thoughts of man; he knows that they are futile...." Ps. 94:9-11

Such an Israelite am soon as the going gets rough, "oh Lord why is it so hard!" This morning i rose early, greeted the sun and ran on one of my favorite running trails in Columbia.  It is a beautiful morning and the worries of yesterday are covered with New Mercies and prayer.  
God encouraged me this morning as i looked over some of my facebook contacts and a few other sites i visit regularly: I was reminded of some old friends who are HUGE in their faith and are living on the edge for the LORD.   
Several years ago i went out west with a good friend and her son.  One of our destinations was the GRAND CANYON.  We arrived just at sunset and we pulled over at one of many spectacular lookouts.  I have always been a little b…

Rocky part of the Journey

The moon is full tonight. i always love a full moon. The air is cool, and the sky is clear, the crickets are singing and i am enjoying the quiet stillness of the night.

I have been in South Carolina for over a week now and my journey is getting rocky. Tonight I felt the tinge of homesickness as I studied the path immediately ahead of me. I thought of friends at home and missed the comfortable security of my church and home there. Starting fresh is hard and i knew i would face these feelings as i prepared to part ways, but that doesn't make it any less painful. I have family here and a few friends, but it takes awhile to find a "nitch" that is mine. I know it will come but i am missing home tonight.

I am waiting on a job to materialize, then i will be able to make a move on my little house. I pray the job comes through by Friday then i can really be all here. So, please pray for my job. Today, i felt a peace over all the details, but my humanness wants to have a…

House Hunt

That show on TV makes house hunting look so easy..... Well, armed w/ good advice from AP, my dad and I have been combing the streets here in Columbia, SC. I have seen old, new, big, small...vinyl, wood, stone, brick...and whatever else may fall inbetween. It has only been a week but i felt the need to find something and get moved up here to my new abode.

"He will make the path smooth..." This seems to be wallpapered to the back of my brain...and i simply wanted to rest in Him. I have felt a little anxiety but in the midst of this week, one night in particular, i felt the tinges of worry pulling on my mind....and i spoke out: Lord, Thank you that You are my Shepherd, my Fortress, My Guide, and My Provider. The worry dissipated like fog on a hot day and things have been good since.

So, today....i made my first offer!! Yes, we literally stumbled across a little brick house in good proximity of school, and possibly work....and i see LOTS of wonderful potential; and it is …

Arrived Safely

It is HOT in South Carolina!!!! I think i have my first sunburn for the summer - but i did not get it at the beach! My dad is working on putting an irrigation system in my brother's yard - so since i am not getting much other exercise i decided i could sweat a little and help him do some digging....of course wearing my shorts and tank so i could get a little sun in the process!

I wanted to put a quick note down to thank you all for praying for me. This week and in the next few weeks i will be looking for a job and a place to live. Please pray that i find just the right place to be! I have a few ideas but want to keep my expectations in God's hands. I keep hearing that verse in my head "He has gone before and behind me..." so i keep praying, Lord, thank you that you have gone before me!! He will make the rough places smooth! I had a chance to share with my church why i am leaving my sweet church family. I believe the Lord blessed me as i shared. It was a sweet…

Hillsong - Adonai

I just came across this song by Hillsong - it just pretty much jumped out and GRABBED me - I LOVE IT! Enjoy!!!