Arrived Safely

It is HOT in South Carolina!!!! I think i have my first sunburn for the summer - but i did not get it at the beach! My dad is working on putting an irrigation system in my brother's yard - so since i am not getting much other exercise i decided i could sweat a little and help him do some digging....of course wearing my shorts and tank so i could get a little sun in the process!

I wanted to put a quick note down to thank you all for praying for me. This week and in the next few weeks i will be looking for a job and a place to live. Please pray that i find just the right place to be! I have a few ideas but want to keep my expectations in God's hands. I keep hearing that verse in my head "He has gone before and behind me..." so i keep praying, Lord, thank you that you have gone before me!! He will make the rough places smooth! I had a chance to share with my church why i am leaving my sweet church family. I believe the Lord blessed me as i shared. It was a sweet farewell. Thank you to my sweet church family - you are home to me!


Glad to hear that you made it safely! All is good here..and is actually cooler here than there!
Mike said…
God bless you. I posted that verse on my blog today. May God make the path indeed smooth before you. Prayers...
Thanking God you made it safe.

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