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A Good Start


I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!  I am enjoying a day off, doing things I love this morning, at home, which is the place I love to be.  Sure, I get that tickle to travel now and then, but being home, taking care of what makes my home, home, is a priceless treasure.  I told a dear friend this morning, it makes me feel like a normal woman.

Whenever I use the word "normal" the phrase pops in my head, "what is normal? the setting on your dryer..."  I better stop there before I digress more.  That could get complicated.  It's Friday, complicated topics should be saved till Monday.

Any who... It's been a good start to 2013 for me.

A few things that have made it a good start:

A Detox!  I finally did it.  All last year, I wanted to do a good cleanse/detox.  I have had a few issues with low-iron; frustration with a low energy level drove me to begin taking good supplements (again, as they have been part of my life yet my tight budget pushed those o…