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Nehemiah 4:14

I am a little behind this month in posting my Scripture memory verse.  My computer dying was the main culprit.  My posts are beginning to be few and far between; this does not mean I have nothing to write about, but that I have not had many precious hours to sit, marinate and digest all that is going on.... so much!

This last weekend I went to FL.  I have much to share on that but for this post, I will post my memory verse... before I do that I have to explain why I chose it.

I was so blessed to hear my younger brother preach this past Sunday.  Something he shared spawned the significance of my new verse challenge.

Romans 6 tells us"Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness."  

To borrow some of my brother's words, "... the way to freedom is through death..."  Yet the bigg…

Super Cool

Good News

I have a New Computer... well, kind of.

Bad News... my MAC died, literally... it bit the dust. I did not think MAC's could do that... but I guess nothing is invincible.  Remember, The Titanic: never forget it.  Nothing is invincible.  Except Jesus!

So, I have to share... I feel so completely covered by Him.  You see... I believe it was a God-thing that my computer died.  I had been feeling this growing guilt in my soul over how I was using my computer too much for... nothing.  Wasting time, energy... His Time, His Stuff.  I was feeling a serious... addiction! I could not make myself stop! So... I asked Him to help me.  July 4, my computer died.  At first, I felt a little anxiety... I had been working on school stuff! But then, I believe His Spirit moved over my mind and heart and I heard a thought rise.  "I am not going to waste emotional energy over this, God's is over it. I will rest in His Care and believe it will be alright."  That was that.  I was not…

Fourth Fun

Happy Fourth of July! 
I believe this day is one of my favorites; over the past few years, it has distinguished itself in my memories.  Sailing is one part of the weekend, as well as watermelon, blueberries, some group activities like Contra dancing or hometown festival... and this year it is no different - more or less. :-)

This year, this weekend has included a bit of sailing, a bit of hanging with friends, but mostly I have enjoyed a quieter holiday setting my house in order, keeping Sasha company and calm during the exploding flares and bottle rockets in my neighborhood.  I do plan on joining my community group tonight for a firework show and traditional fourth food!

Kitty is all about the celebrating too...

Inconsequential Happenings

Good Saturday Morning!

I love that one of my precious nieces thinks I have the idealistic life: I have a cat and a dog and get to play with them all the time.  What a wonderful life in her eyes.  :-) I am glad she thinks so.... I can remember thinking something like that when I was her age... no homework, do what I want to do when I want to do it... have as many animals as I want... climb trees until I am ninety and eat mac'n cheese every meal.  That is the life!

Well, I don't eat mac'n cheese nearly as much as I did as when I was 10... though I do consume a box or two on rare occasions, I do enjoy my animals, I still like a good climbing tree, and adventure calls me to explore, travel, and be spontaneous as much as possible.  Ah... but I am not 10 anymore.... *sigh*

My house is evidence of a full-time, not-10-any-more, working gal.  I am realizing, part of taking care of yourself means providing yourself with a peaceful, orderly mind - my personal list of things that creat…

2 Chronicles 15:7

I read this chapter this morning in my quiet time, and I had a *star* and a date(08/20/08) beside this verse:

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

How timely to read it again, today, as just last night I went to bed with some futile thoughts - knowing they were not the Truth, I laid them down at His feet and went to sleep, also knowing, I was very physically spent and that can often contribute to futile thinking.  

I Love that He is Faithful, He does not, will not fail, and He is my Strength!  This is the perfect verse for me to memorize this next two weeks.  Want to join me?