Inconsequential Happenings

Good Saturday Morning!

"You have me in the house, what more do you want?"
I love that one of my precious nieces thinks I have the idealistic life: I have a cat and a dog and get to play with them all the time.  What a wonderful life in her eyes.  :-) I am glad she thinks so.... I can remember thinking something like that when I was her age... no homework, do what I want to do when I want to do it... have as many animals as I want... climb trees until I am ninety and eat mac'n cheese every meal.  That is the life!

Well, I don't eat mac'n cheese nearly as much as I did as when I was 10... though I do consume a box or two on rare occasions, I do enjoy my animals, I still like a good climbing tree, and adventure calls me to explore, travel, and be spontaneous as much as possible.  Ah... but I am not 10 anymore.... *sigh*

My house is evidence of a full-time, not-10-any-more, working gal.  I am realizing, part of taking care of yourself means providing yourself with a peaceful, orderly mind - my personal list of things that create this includes a clean house, paid bills, laundry done, finished homework, food in the refrigerator, trimmed & mowed lawn, a clean car, communicating with loved ones and happy, contented, fed animals.  I think it is kind of interesting that a nagging feeling rises in me when one of these have been ignored for a bit. I am beginning to think this is the nature of a woman.  Just my suspicion, can anyone else confirm this?

So this sweet quiet Saturday morning began with the afore mentioned nagging anxiety.   So much so I had to make a list to get them off my head so to allow myself the pure enjoyment of an undistracted time with the Lord.  Saturdays were made for long Quiet Times with Jesus.

Not sure where this post is going... i wanted to open a window into my day -  that is what I have been pondering this morning as I walked Sasha in the cool beauty of the early morning.

To update you on happenings this summer, my house has been the temporary home of an cat-guest for the past few weeks.  Pepper is the very much loved feline of a family who just moved to Columbia to work at CIU.  They are househunting and unable to keep their kitty in their temporary dwelling.  So, Pepper has moved in here.  I accidently call her "him" because her stature is so much bigger than Baby Kitty.  Pepper is a bit on the anxious side of cat personalities.  She has reason to be a little on edge, being that she is 12, unceremoniously uprooted from her familiar surroundings and plopped down in a strange place, with another feline and a black mongrel who comes inside every night or so.

Ever so slowly she is letting go of her anxiety.  She has fully adopted my bed as her favorite lounging place, even sleeping with me at night.  I have to remind her it is my bed and shove her over in the middle of the night!  Anyhow, Pepper and Kitty have their rounds of stare downs; Kitty can't quite get that this guest can't chill and be nice.  We are getting there....

After spending some time in the Word - 2 Chronicles 15-19 was particularly rich as well as Psalm 77 - verse 19 especially:

"Your path led through the sea, 
your way through the mighty waters, 
though your footprints were not seen."

: talking with the Lord and blogging, I am ready to find the path through my sea of mighty waters ... i.e. my list!  :-)

Have a Blessed Saturday!!
 ...I have to brag on God... I was feeling a wee bit on the lonely side and I felt i was to make a little extra coffee this morning for any surprise visitors.  (What Lord? Ok...)  Would you believe... one of my sweetest friends "popped in" while I was blogging away.  :-) She had some coffee and we caught up.... and my heart was so thrilled over His Love for me.  Thanks for stopping by Friend!!


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