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Animal Farm?

Growing up I always wanted to live on a farm with lots of animals to tend and love.  Now, I have a more realistic understanding of how demanding a farm can be so I have settled, contently satisfied with my sweet little furkids: Baby Kitty, Sasha, and my foster cat, Pepper.

Some mornings when I meander down the hall, barely awake, I am passed up by a romping furry critter or two,  whom then begs me to feed them before any such bathroom stop or coffee is put on, or when they wake me up in the wee hours of the morning, demanding that their food dish be filled to the brim, or when my foster kitty thinks she has full rights to my bed or I wake and hear the soothing snoring of Pepper who is nestled right between my legs, I wonder, do I live on an animal farm?  Even so, I love the sweet tangible love an animal can give, the companionship, the need to be needed;  they make me smile and sometimes laugh at how much they seem to "run" my moments.  They can't be ignored.  

Ah, the…

Kristian Stanfill: Always - Official Lyric Video

After spending a few minutes reviewing past January posts from the few years I have been blogging, January does not seem to be the brightest time of the year! And as I was musing over the post i wanted to write, it was not the brightest topic as I am in a season of testing. I know my heart, mind, and faith are being refined in the fires of life. I rejoice in the Work He is doing as it is very good, even if it is very HOT and uncomfortable.
Instead of a "life is hard" post, I was blessed to hear this song this morning after hopping onto Facebook to see what was happening. A friend had posted this song. Wow.
Maybe you are not a fan of January's winter gray either or facing your own varied and sundry trials. BE ENCOURAGED! Look Up to the Lord, He will not delay, He is Your Very Present Help in Times of Trouble. He is our provider, our sustainer, our redeemer, our comforter, our sh…

It had to come down

I had a dead tree in my yard.  A tall, old, pine tree.  It had to come down before the wind brought it down on top of something that could be damaged, like my house, or my neighbor's house.  God blessed in helping me find a good price and a great guy to take care of it.  Here are a few fun pictures of the process of it coming down!

He Stinketh

Church was good today.  (Italicized words are from the notes I scribbled down during the service.)

Before the message I was blessed by words in a worship song written by one of the guys on stage

" what you will do LORD, for your glory, not for my comfort.  Move LORD, for your glory..."

My heart prayed those words to the LORD as I eagerly entered the service with a desire to hear from Him today.  How often we come to a church service aching inside for a crumb from the Master's table.  No one really sees our insides, but He does.  He heard my cry and knew my deep need: He met me so gently, so graciously and so powerfully.

The message was in John 11: Lazarus.  We know the story. 

Lazarus was sick, Jesus waited two extra days, Lazarus died.  He told Martha, "Your brother will rise again."  She knew this was true, in the future, at the resurrection.  But why did you wait?  What about now? Where were you?  

God was in charge.  He was there.  This is my work, to am…

Three Words

My first Post for 2012 has to do with reflecting upon 2011.  Three Words to capsulate the year behind:

Different.  It definitely ended differently, held some very unexpected turns and twists that both delighted and disappointed.  All of which were covered with God's love and grace.  He gives More grace each day to process both the blessings and the burdens.

Growth.  Growing does not mean physically(thankfully!) but mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  I hope to grow everyday of my life; this means transformation.  This also means I am still ALIVE!  This year, this happened because of the afore mentioned blessings and burdens.  Through some unexpected turns, disappointments and mishaps, I realized, sometimes in a painful way that God was using some trials to purify and mature me.  By His goodness and grace (again! Thank You Lord!), He continues to gently, patiently grow me up.

Favor.  I rejoice in the lavish Favor of my Lord!  He spoke this to me last January, it continued all yea…