Animal Farm?

Growing up I always wanted to live on a farm with lots of animals to tend and love.  Now, I have a more realistic understanding of how demanding a farm can be so I have settled, contently satisfied with my sweet little furkids: Baby Kitty, Sasha, and my foster cat, Pepper.

Some mornings when I meander down the hall, barely awake, I am passed up by a romping furry critter or two,  whom then begs me to feed them before any such bathroom stop or coffee is put on, or when they wake me up in the wee hours of the morning, demanding that their food dish be filled to the brim, or when my foster kitty thinks she has full rights to my bed or I wake and hear the soothing snoring of Pepper who is nestled right between my legs, I wonder, do I live on an animal farm?  Even so, I love the sweet tangible love an animal can give, the companionship, the need to be needed;  they make me smile and sometimes laugh at how much they seem to "run" my moments.  They can't be ignored.  

We are all Sunshine lovers here... it's a race to find the sunny spot.
(This would be Baby Kitty)

...And she isn't movin' for anybody, especially another four-legged critter...

"It's MY spot, ALL mine..."
(Baby Kitty in forefront, Pepper behind)

"Please can I come in? Pretty please... cause I know you all are having so much fun in there and I don't want to be left out!"

"I just want to remind you, that was my spot before you came along."
(B.K. on window sill; Pepper, in her spot, on my bed)

"Yep, before I came along..." ~Pepper

"Mom, we need more windows in this house..." ~B.K.
Ah, the lovely peace and tranquility we have around here. Who said having an animal farm wasn't fun!


Lisa L. said…
Tammie, thanks for sharing that with me! What a riot. I love how you put words to their actions. Thanks for making me smile...

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