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Getting Untangled

"Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."
This picture reminds me of what God has been teaching me in the last few weeks - that of trusting Him, receiving His Grace and resting in His hands. It seems that the most basic of lessons in our faith are the ones we forget so quickly - Hebrews 12 has been ringing in my ears this last week as I am enjoying His Grace and Love in a fresh way. I am realizing how quickly I like to take over and run ahead or in a direction that isn't what God has directed, then i find my self in a tangled mess. God's way is perfect; I need to just rest there! I pray I don't forget this lesson too quickly and just rest like this little kitty before getting all tangled up!

"He who the son sets free is free indeed!"

PS - If you stay on this blog long enough you will hear (if you allow the music to play) a few great old songs....lately I…

A Surprising Glance

Yesterday I enjoyed almost a whole day at home. Now, that may not sound exciting to some but when your schedule is in "weird" mode - no rhyme or reason, a day to just be at home is such a gift! I love being at home; I love traveling as well but the womanly part of me that is a God given domestic side is alive!

Being that clouds were rolling in, eventually bringing rain made it even more a "stay at home" kind of day. I had plenty of studying to keep me busy; one great thing about being in seminary is that 99% of my school work is geared toward studying about God and His word! What can be better than that? I have to admit I wasn't really doing well on focusing on my school work but i was enjoying God! So as i was doing this, and pondering (and procrastinating) some projects I took some time to look back over this past year on my blog. I found some unexpected encouragement.

Last spring I wrote about what God was doing as I taught school, worked and lived th…

Brandon Heath -

You may have heard this yesterday if you were in the Wal-mart parking lot as i drove through! It is a powerful song and one with a groove! Love sharing songs and messages that change me, move me or make me cry out to God saying, "YES, DO it in me Lord!"

To Be or not to Be

I am enjoying a book that I have to read for an assignment. It is called TrueFaced. It is about trusting God and living out of who God says I am and not trying to BE what I think I should be.

Here is one foundational concept shared in the book: you are on a road and you come to a point in which you have to make a choice to go one of two ways. Pointing one way, printed on the arrow it says "Please God", pointing the opposite direction it says "Trust God". You have to choose one. Upon first reading this, I thought, BOTH of these are good - How can you choose ONE? Obviously this required me to delve deeper: Pleasing God is a GREAT thing, I want to do this! Trusting God is what He wants us to do too....

The book goes on to describe where each of these roads lead to: one to a place where I am striving to BE something, the other is a place that you live out of the truth of WHO GOD SAYS YOU ARE: Trusting what He has said to be TRUE.

Now, this is not something ne…

Being Understood

When i was a teenager, i loved playing volleyball(I still love a good game of V-ball). It may have had something do to with the HUGE crush i had on my pastor's son whom i was not allowed to "date" but would see with certainty on Saturday night: volleyball night. Somehow this really helped me grow in my volleyball skills *wink* - It really was a sport i excelled in but was too insecure to actually go out for the team in my public high school.

I didn't think my father really cared or noticed that i had a sports talent, i believed he was more concerned over the fact i was infatuated with someone he felt was not right for me.

As i worked through those tumultuous days, I often felt estranged from my dad. He didn't understand me. But one Christmas during this time, my dad did something that changed that: he bought me a volleyball. A VOLLEYBALL! Somehow, this spoke VOLUMES to my heart. He DID see me; He did understand. He saw there was something I EXCELLED in and He gav…

Unspectacular Details

Been Tagged - Here it goes (I am not sure how to just put "Melanie...")
here are the rules:
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here are six boring, unspectacular details about me.

1. I have a clogged tub.
2. I forgot to floss my teeth last night
3. My hair is a mess right now
4. My precious kitty is sick today :-(
5. I like to hang laundry on my clothesline!
6. I gave myself a manicure; my fingernails look clean and nice :-)

I tag Anne C., Elisabeth C., Elisabeth S., Christi S., and Kelcee!


I want some of these in my house!