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Sidewalk Chalk

Summer is approaching.  I have two weeks of teaching left.  FYI - God blessed me with a long term assignment working in a middle school classroom.  He takes care of me like that!

These past few weeks have been pretty good, then this most previous week HIT.  It was about the longest week of my life, or it seemed like it.  My students seemed to forget the normal procedures; chaos broke out in my classroom like a bad case of teenage acne.  By Wednesday I arrived home in quite a tizzy.

As I tried to see through my flustered emotions, it was fuzzy as to the actual root of my frustration.  It was more than a crazy classroom of pre-adolescence!  Realistically I had been trying to hold a rising issue under water with one hand.

Then I realized...

It's MAY: May is NOT my favorite month as stated in previous posts.   I am facing some major shifting in my relationships.  
Friends and acquaintances that I had not the time to truly build a relationship with but wanted to are moving on from the…

Salutations & Saying Thanks

Good Morning ~ It's a good morning: Saturday's are amazing gifts... I don't have to wake up to an alarm :-)

It's time for a "Golden List"

1.  Spring in South Carolina --- there could be a hundred subtitles to this first point....

2. A great roommate and friend

3.  Amazing cheese --- our Whole Foods were sharing samples of this cheddar cheese variety with sea salt in it... I may or may not have had a few more than my fair share.

4.  Bare Essentials Make up.... a new thing in my make up bag.  :-)

5.  Friends passing through town & a free meal to boot!

6.  Sasha: funny how a relationship grows with a person or group or animal in this case... :-) She brings me much joy.

7.  Communication: texts, emails, snail mail, facebook comments, blog comments... phone calls... yes.  More please.

8.  My Community group family

9. Quiet evenings alone or with friends

10.  Live Theatre... especially when it is FREE! Tonight... "A Servant of Two Masters" and next w…