About Me

WELCOME to My Blog!  Thank You for Visiting!!

This is me.  
Christmas 2009
An Ordinary gal... with an extra ordinary God
He is the Giver of Life!
I have nothing except what has been received from His Loving Hands.

Other ordinary tidbits that makes me unique...
I am the only daughter with three amazing brothers...
I am single and more or less content with that... 
I try to live to the fullest and celebrate even the smallest things  
...from  the first conscious thought upon waking... 
to the ten minutes during a lunch break to enjoy Knowing He is with me ... to a workout that brings about a good healthy sweat!
 Sasha, my lab/shepherd mix.

Baby Kitty

My two furkids bring me joy and ... a small sense of what it may be like to be a parent... i have many stories about life with two critters.  It is nice to be needed...

I have traveled to many wonderful places on this earth; each place and the people of those places have enriched my life and broaden my view of the world.

Pisa, Italy ~  January 2008
I have done a little of a lot of things... I have been a teacher, a student, manager, director, coordinator, administrator, caretaker, mentor, coach, counselor, writer, speaker, adventurer and dreamer!

I enjoy sharing tidbits of my journey.  I see life as an adventurous journey, we all share ups and down - and blogging is an outlet for me to creatively share my thoughts.... and maybe make a difference in some way.

The Lord created me and you for a purpose... to Know Him, and make Him known!

I hope this blog encourages someone every day!
Maybe that is you today?

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