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Snow For Real!

The snow finally came!   Today, Sasha and I enjoyed a morning romp through the snowy neighborhood.  It's amazing how still and silent a walk through the freshly fallen snow is... it's truly delightful!  Here are a few snapshots:

SNOW day activities (no sighting of snow yet)

SNOW DAY!  But I have yet to see one snow flake fall in my yard.  I am still hopeful... and very thankful for a day at home.  A snow-day, even without snow, is a wonderful blessing.  Today I have hunkered down after cleaning up Sasha's feather mess.  That use to be the swing cushion:

This is what it USE to look like:

So what does one do on a snow day without any snow?
I have actually been quite productive and tackled a few things I have been wanting to do but weren't exactly on the top of my list.  Here are a few:
Renewed my passport!  It's expiring in a few months and I hope to go somewhere on a plane this year.  A few of my hopeful destinations include Uraquay, Ireland and who knows where else.  So, my wishful thinking made me proactive today!  
Print my money challenge for the year.  I saw someone post this: I thought it was quite the creative plan.  So, I printed it today, finally, and checked off the weeks I have already done!! Woo-hooooo! Success!
Read my "Experi…

7 Days Late

Happy New Year!!!

My usual habit of posting something on the new year's day or eve was debunked this year!  I was hit with a heavy malady causing all creative energy and desire to seep out of my brain and body.

So, my fresh start has had a little drag!  I am still dragging a bit but almost up to full speed.  I lost my voice in the midst of it all.  Monday I went to work and squeaked my way through: it was a good day anyhow.   I was glad to see my students and get rolling again!

No real new resolutions this year, just the typical get healthier and try to make that 10K again this year. I feel like I am on a new plateau of sorts, happy for the recent breakthrough, joy in my work and balanced in my being; experiencing greater freedom, peace and joy.  Like that last lap after swimming hard: it's time to relax and breath a bit before leaving the pool.

As I swish through the waters of my memories, I thought it would be nice to remember some of my favorite moments of 2013 that I capt…