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Join Me for Coffee?

It's a sunny chilly morning here in SC; but I have already been up, and enjoyed the waterfront trail with Sasha, on my rollerblades for some good exercise. Now, my buns are literally thawing out as I sit in my favorite quiet time place, with my hoodie over my ears, the rest of me covered up with a warm blanket and a fresh cup of coffee to warm my hands between thoughts here...

It has been a very good week. My last few days at McAl's were sweet as I felt loved by my fellow co-workers. I exchanged a few phone numbers to help stay connected and promised to stop by when I could to say "hello." Now, I look forward to the unknown in my new "work" - I feel that God truly led this change as my studies will become much more demanding of my heart and head and time. This new job will allow me to study while I am there; what a blessed assurance that God is covering me on these details!

Another sweet blessing this week was I got to spend time with some dear friends…

Casting Burdens

I love that it is getting warmer; I love to enjoy the moment. Yet, in the last 24 hours I have felt a mounting wall of worry. Interesting how it comes in waves. This morning I woke after a fretful night, worried. I don't like that. I seriously had to sit up this morning and think, "what is causing this worry? Where is it coming from? WHY am I feeling this heavy load? Lord, Meet me here."

I was thankful as I pulled into bed last night, I read Ps. 27:14 "Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart." I tried to meditate on that as I went to sleep; but still, the heaviness this morning.

A few things come to mind: yes, there are a number of things that are heavy and out of my control and I hear that annoying voice in my head, "you made some poor choices, you are unwise..." and I feel guilt over??? Well, what can I do about that NOW? Lord... You say that I am your precious Child, Your Word says, "Though an army be…

Sunshine on my Shoulder

It was over 60 degrees today and full of SUNSHINE! It was a great day today; I got up and had a short jog/long walk with my Sasha and a friend on my favorite trail here in Columbia. I was HAPPY to have to take off my sweatshirt as we enjoyed the morning - even though it was still in the 30's, it was a beautiful morning. I believe I see hints of green in my yard... grass?! I saw buds birthing... in a few weeks those buds with birth FLOWERS! And... tomorrow... sailing is on the docket. It is suppose to be in the upper 60's, a beautiful sunny day; the sails need some airing out! Amazing what Sunshine does for the Soul!
The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18

Good & Sad

Change really stinks. Change brings good things too. Winter turns into Spring.... oh how thankful i am it is NOT always winter; but the snow this past weekend was a delight and I found joy even in the coldness I have been complaining about... Anyhow, change; it doesn't always feel good.

A change in my life is happening right now. I am changing jobs. It is a good step for me but ironically my heart is sad to walk out the door. My current job had its own set of frustrations and challenges but I had more enjoyment in it than not. I have enjoyed the relationships I have been building. So, I didn't really enjoy telling my GM my last day would be in a week. He has become a friend as well as a boss. I think of the others I work with too... a motley crew of people which brought a smile to my day when I got to work with them. I have done a lot of praying for each of them; I appreciate how working in a such an environment sharpens me.

I know the Lord is providing for me; I am…


I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with lovingkindness.

Jeremiah 31:3

3:44 PM

I am witnessing some SNOW flakes FALLING!!!!!!!!!!! :-) It is really beautiful too.... thank YOU Lord... it makes the gray clouds not so ugly. :-)

4:41PM - Still comin' down!!! So beautiful; hot tea brewin' ... tucked down in my red couch, my roomie in her comfy clothes, me in my favorite sweatshirt.... watchin' tv... like we are on vacation; that is what happens here in SC when it snows... everyone stops and takes it in!
“He directs the snow to fall on the earth
and tells the rain to pour down.
Then everyone stops working
so they can watch his power." Job 37:6-7 :-)

7:43PM - Snow covers everything!! It is getting colder so it will stick until the sunrise :-) BUT that means ICEEE!!! Watching opening of Winter Olympics :-) So SAD about the death.... so love the Olympics... ever since I was young, it has been one of my favorite things to watch... and see the World come together! Smell and hear my roommate trying her hand at popping popcorn the old fashion way. Yeah...…

Salvador Aware

Flipped on Pandora as I was getting ready for work and this song played... God So gently meets me... this song so powerful says... what my heart longs for... as God transforms and meets me each day... it is not all about me.... He is turning my world around... so that the obvious touches of God and purposes in the day, in my Life.... can be visible to all... "Lord, Make me Aware of YOU!"

"Do Everything Without Complaining"

One thing I miss about Facebook is sharing my moment by moment moods; it helps me feel not so alone when I just want to say, "BLAH!" Interpret that however you want. This morning is cloudy, cold, with a hint of a "dusting" of snow later in the day. I should be excited! But it just seems like winter is really long this year, I don't have enough layers, I want to just crab about everything... whaaw, whaaw, whaaw (I just made up that word). AND yesterday I had a PHENOMENAL time with the Lord and now the testing of what was revealed to my heart yesterday... picture me, with a mean look on my face, "NO YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE MY JOY!" Stomping off.... sounding very much like Yo-Sammity Sam, "frigga,grrrr, frigga,mumble, mumble..."

As I fight to keep my joy, trying to cap my complaining flesh that is DEAD (remember, flesh, you are dead!)... I hear this whisper..."Do everything without complaining..." Guess what my little devoti…

Global Day of Prayer

Is your city hosting a gathering??

Demolishing Strongholds

I have so many thoughts I have been wanting to piece together and write. The Lord has been moving in a few different areas; as usual they are all intersecting with each other, building truth and understanding.

Here are a few of those pieces: I have been praying for some dear friends of mine who are walking through dark and testing trials. My classes are deep and challenging as we look at some not so great realities about this world we live in, the mess people are in because of sin and our sin nature. AND, the reading of Nee's book, as well as my real life interactions at work and with the Body of believers have all been contributing factors. So bare with me a little, this may be longer than normal.

My heart and mind have been grieved over the hurt, trials, and sin, that touches all of our lives; more so being magnified through the pieces I shared in the latter paragraph. A few days ago God spoke to me as I read this passage in Corinthians in my quiet time:

(NASV)For though…

Known and Loved

I have been thinking a lot about intimacy lately: a deep desire to be known and loved for who I am. I saw this video last Spring and it profoundly expresses the desires of a woman's heart; not only women, but all mankind - a desire to be truly known, for to be known is to be loved. There is only one person who can do this perfectly, One who DOES know me and loves me,... who knows you and loves you. He is not about do's and don't;s or a list of requirements; He is about what we were created and designed for - to be in a living relationship with our Maker.

For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. John 1:17

Happy February!

Woah, January went fast! I am GLAD to see February come; looking over January's posts tell me I was pretty gloomy the whole month... I thought that was only suppose to last a week or so? ;-) Ah, moving forward and LOOKING forward! February gets us closer to SPRING!!! I can hardly wait to see buds on the trees, green grass and warmer temperatures!! Spring in South Carolina is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Well, I did it. My sinus's have been giving me a TIME and tonight I decided it was TIME to do something about it - the Neti Pot! You may have heard about the miraculous little contraption that makes you tilt your head to one side and pour warm saline water through one nostril, creating a fountain streaming out the other nostril!! IT REALLY WORKS!! It immediately brought me some relief too. I think I will have to do it about ten more times in the next 24 hours to flush out this thing going on in my head. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight and I won't walk around tomorrow feel…