Good & Sad

Change really stinks. Change brings good things too. Winter turns into Spring.... oh how thankful i am it is NOT always winter; but the snow this past weekend was a delight and I found joy even in the coldness I have been complaining about... Anyhow, change; it doesn't always feel good.

A change in my life is happening right now. I am changing jobs. It is a good step for me but ironically my heart is sad to walk out the door. My current job had its own set of frustrations and challenges but I had more enjoyment in it than not. I have enjoyed the relationships I have been building. So, I didn't really enjoy telling my GM my last day would be in a week. He has become a friend as well as a boss. I think of the others I work with too... a motley crew of people which brought a smile to my day when I got to work with them. I have done a lot of praying for each of them; I appreciate how working in a such an environment sharpens me.

I know the Lord is providing for me; I am leaving in peace to work with a family in need. It will be a blessing to both of us. So, here I go. I am thankful. I hope to keep some connection with the crew. Pray with me that the seeds of God's Love and Truth would grow, with or without me.


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