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Peace Rules

Ever been anxious about something?  Anxiousness is really a vague cloud of worry over something you can't do anything about, or even positively name: it is a cloud of fogginess!  Fear wrapped in a desire to control something that you cannot control.

Yesterday a thought was pestering me something fierce.  A vulnerable nerve was exposed and being teased with an action.  At first, I started playing with the idea, but just like a little child being teased with something he/she cannot have, it started to get all frustrated, flustered and worked up.

I began to pray through it, and even called a friend to check my thoughts out with her.  It is great to have Jesus-loving friends who love you enough to remind you you are weak and about to do something stupid if you give in to it! I did not actually speak to her but left a message, just asking for prayer.

After hanging up, I went about my day which involved some hard hot work in the yard.  It's great therapy, plus my dad was here for …

Not So Far From Home

It's Thursday and I am kind of excited today is here.

It's my last day of internship class: I have finally finished! I will write more about that later.

Right now my head is spinning a little.  I have not slept in my bed since June!  My sitting continues.  I feel a little dis-cabobulated.  I have stayed in two separate homes the whole month of July.  I have taken care of five doggies including Sasha, three kitties (one Sasha chased through the neighborhood and I have not seen in a week), and slept in four different beds.

God so blesses me through these venues of income.  For one, I get to stay in someone else's home which is by far a lot bigger, a lot nicer and a lot more fun than my own home.  Now, I do like my little home at 108 Waterford: it's cute, cozy, it has hot water and a nice yard.  But, how so very nice to enjoy HGTV, Hulu shows and Netflix streaming movies on big flat screen tv's, good food I did not buy, large tubs for luxurious baths, new and inter…

A July Evening

Dark, grey luminous clouds cover the evening sky as I sit here listening to some of my favorite soothing music.  A sweet peaceful worshipful atmosphere has settled in.  A whistle lets me know my water is ready for a hot cup of tea.  A July evening mysteriously, romantically invites me to sense His closeness to me, and His favor.  May I share it with you?

Contentment and quiet joy fill my soul, a gift given from my Maker: Thank You Jesus.

The last few mornings, Psalms 146, and 147 have started my Time with Abba with, "Praise the Lord!"

I have many reasons to sing, worship and praise Him.  One main one, is He has healed my heart.  I have been nursing a broken heart of sorts in the last few months.  Well, more like a huge disappointment that knocked the breath out of me.

God has shown me much grace throughout, in many ways, yet there was a lingering irritation that I just could not shake.  Like having a piece of splinter stuck way down beneath the skin.  Though the wound begin…

Adventures in Sitting

It's the day after the Fourth of July.  As afore mentioned in previous posts, I love this holiday.  This year it unfortunately fell in the middle of the week: no long weekend.  I still enjoyed meeting up with dear friends, met new friends, enjoyed yummy food, and watched fireworks from a distance, a greater distance than last year.  I enjoyed soothing a little girl who was scared of the loud explosions in the backyard from inside the house.  Nothing quite like a few snuggles to vanquish little fears and big tears.  It did my heart a world of good to meet the need.

After saying good-bye to the partying people, I had to head home to see to my other baby, my black furkid who turns into a chicken with the first snap, crackle and pops in the neighborhood.  Fortunately, I am doggie sitting, so I loaded her up and we headed over to my friends beautiful home with two very happy golden retrievers.  What a night: at one point, one of the retrievers climbed in bed with me and Sasha got the …