Adventures in Sitting

It's the day after the Fourth of July.  As afore mentioned in previous posts, I love this holiday.  This year it unfortunately fell in the middle of the week: no long weekend.  I still enjoyed meeting up with dear friends, met new friends, enjoyed yummy food, and watched fireworks from a distance, a greater distance than last year.  I enjoyed soothing a little girl who was scared of the loud explosions in the backyard from inside the house.  Nothing quite like a few snuggles to vanquish little fears and big tears.  It did my heart a world of good to meet the need.

After saying good-bye to the partying people, I had to head home to see to my other baby, my black furkid who turns into a chicken with the first snap, crackle and pops in the neighborhood.  Fortunately, I am doggie sitting, so I loaded her up and we headed over to my friends beautiful home with two very happy golden retrievers.  What a night: at one point, one of the retrievers climbed in bed with me and Sasha got the thrill of her life, she got to get on the bed too.  I felt like I was tending to a baby all night.   Needless to say, 6AM came too soon.

Just call me the Sitter this summer.  By 7:30 I had to walk yet another dog in another area of town.  By 8:05, Sasha and I were headed to our third "sitting" appointment for the day.  She is a little worn out and it's not even 9AM yet.

What an amusing season: it is very odd, jagged and a little crazy but I sense God meeting me in the midst of it all.  This morning as I was grabbing my little bag and purse I caught a glimpse of my Bible on the front seat of the car with my journal on top.  It is a very rare thing for me to go 24 hours without sitting down with the Word.  I felt the fatigue in my eyes; my day stretches before me without so much of a breather except for this moment right here.  I think of how mom's of young ones must feel: stretched so thin, in many ways, their hearts and minds can hardly focus on feeding themselves.  Being single has a good margin for time with God.  For this I am thankful.

"Lord, I will miss You today." I whispered.

I sensed Him say, "I will meet you today."

"Thank You Lord."  I felt such a covering over me, I could almost see it!

He is always with us.  I want my perspective to be set with a Kingdom gaze all the time: no matter if my schedule is crazy and jagged or quiet and orderly.  He is here: if we keep our hearts soft, and eyes open, He will meet us, because He is With Us.


notpoems said…
precious. "I will never leave you nor forsake you." I've never thought of it this way before: because I am His daughter, it's impossible to miss God. thanks for this gem.

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