Not So Far From Home

It's Thursday and I am kind of excited today is here.

It's my last day of internship class: I have finally finished! I will write more about that later.

Right now my head is spinning a little.  I have not slept in my bed since June!  My sitting continues.  I feel a little dis-cabobulated.  I have stayed in two separate homes the whole month of July.  I have taken care of five doggies including Sasha, three kitties (one Sasha chased through the neighborhood and I have not seen in a week), and slept in four different beds.

God so blesses me through these venues of income.  For one, I get to stay in someone else's home which is by far a lot bigger, a lot nicer and a lot more fun than my own home.  Now, I do like my little home at 108 Waterford: it's cute, cozy, it has hot water and a nice yard.  But, how so very nice to enjoy HGTV, Hulu shows and Netflix streaming movies on big flat screen tv's, good food I did not buy, large tubs for luxurious baths, new and interesting neighborhoods to walk the doggies, decks to sit on as I enjoy my morning coffee or watch the evening fireflies from, as well as a plethora of birds eating from the feeders.  Now, am I spoiled OR WHAT!  AND I get paid for it... shhhh, they may realize what a deal I am getting!

In a way, it has been a personal retreat.  When you are in your own home, there are always 100 things to get up and do: pull the weeds, wipe the baseboards, mow the yard, stock the frig, clean something or other.  You know, it is just hard to sit and enjoy.  BUT, when you are away from that mess and clatter, the house you are in is clean, keeping the plants watered and animals walked and fed takes all of 30 minutes in the morning and night, so I have had time to finish my writing for class, read some books and continue meeting with clients.  Its pretty cool how it has all worked out.   Now, for some reason I feel like the grass hasn't had time to grow under my feet either this summer.  Overall, its like having a little extra reprieve in the morning and evening before scurrying all over creation during the day.

And, I have not gotten locked out once! You can read about that little mishap if you want... here!

So My summer continues... not so far from home.


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