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The Golden List - November 2013 Version

It's about time for a Golden List.  If you do a "golden list" search on my site, you will see it is a often repeated theme.  Since today is the 14th, I will share 14 things I am thankful for:

1.  Progress, even though small, in the daily challenge of teaching.

2.  Vitamin D: a simple solution to a long time fatigue problem.

3.  Mashed potatoes: my mouth has been sore, my tummy hungry - soft, yummy potatoes hit the spot.

4.  Sight! Having a foggy, fuzzy right eye for over three weeks makes me exceptionally grateful for clear vision.... it's 95% clear now.

5.  A spontaneous concert: Stephen Curtis Chapman, Laura Story and Jason Gray!

6.  My students

7.  Jim Brickman Pandora Station: so soothing...

8.  My parents surprise visit: they blessed me by cleaning my yard, house... and cooking.

9.  Beauty I catch in photos...

10.  New Friends: I work with some neat people whom have made me feel very welcome.

11.  Evenings with no work to bring home and beautiful sunsets to enj…