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True Friend

You know that song, "I am a friend of God"...i use to really not like it. Not sure why, it just was one of those songs that rubbed the wrong way. Maybe it was that very part, saying, " I am a friend of God,"...I know Christ calls us 'Friends" but can i say I am a friend of God?

A few days ago I saw a skit. A Man was sitting on a bench and several "friends" came by. He looked forward to each friend but each one came by either unfocused, busy, not engaging with their "Friend" on the bench, until the last one who actually sat down and had a real conversation with the Man.

It was a simple skit but God grabbed my attention. He wants me to talk to Him as a Friend. He longs for me to talk to Him about my day, my concerns, my thoughts, my joys, my struggles - He wants to go with me through my lonely times, through my fear that I will be alone forever on this earth, that i may never know a man's love or marriage or children - He wan…

Thank You for Your Comments

To those who drop me comments I want to say Thank You! The power of a word: it can give life or take it away. Kind words are like using multiplication in life, in love. So, Thank you to my "fellow Trekkers," it truly means so much!

Rainy Days

Hope you can see what this picture is - my kitty snuggled up in the corner of the chair I am sitting in and a cup of tea; both of which make rainy days so cozy!
A little different angle...

On the way to AFTER...

Here is my livingroom - the window treatments still need updating, the lace will have to do for now. The walls are "lunar Tide" a very soft green, a fresh green.

First Day of Fall

Time flies. Here I sit on my comfy red couch, enjoying the new look of my living room - my dad painted last night after we worked all morning on stripping the wallpaper. I should have guessed he would have it painted by the time I returned from my night shift this afternoon. It looks GREAT - much better than the pink/peach walls with border and wallpaper. The trim is white - it simply looks softer and bigger. I still need to put window treatments up and hang pictures but i am happy with the way the paint turned the room around! I will post pictures later.

I am also enjoying having my niece here for the night. She is presently two - and very verbal. She is such a joy. This new phase of toddlerhood has come so fast! It seems just yesterday she was such a baby! Time does fly.

God has blessed me in my studies as well. More than an academic school, CIU makes it very clear that it is about being transformed within before we can make a difference without. Transformed people transf…

Kittens and Kiddos

My employer has been keeping two sweet kittens in her office for a few weeks. I had to drop by yesterday, to my joy and pleasure, i played with the little furballs for a few minutes before going next door to visit my chiropractor. As I was about to leave, I saw a bundle of children pass by the office window, I heard the kids exclaim "ohhhh, look! Kittens!"

As i entered the doctors waiting room, there were the same sweet faces of the children who had passed the office window not two minutes ago. I was very impressed at how well behaved these four kids were - They were all under the age of 10 or 11. Each of them were quietly looking at a magazine or book the doctor had available in the waiting room. As I waited I made small talk with the father and the kids, they were very cordial and mannerly. I learned that they had been missionaries and homeschooled their kids; six in all! I felt a warm-ness towards the kids; they were very likable! Soon, it was time for them to depa…

Here In Your Presence

Wow - this is really good!

François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon

Hidden Treasures! This morning I have been reading from Devotional Classics. My heart was so truly blessed and challenged I had to share! These are a few of the words of the many I highlighted....(oh, i pulled these quotes from an online source, my book is a "revised" edition so it is in an easier contemporary tone - these classic tones give our brains more of a challenge to chew on!)

These came from his work called "Christian Perfection:"

"Christian Perfection is not that rigorous, tedious, cramping thing that many imagine. It demands only an entire surrender of everything to God from the depths of the soul, and the moment this takes place, whatever is done for Him becomes easy. They who are God’s without reserve, are in every state content; for they will only what He wills, and desire to do for Him whatever he desires them to do; they strip themselves of everything, and in this nakedness find all things restored an hundred fold. Peace of conscience, liberty…

Sarah McLachlan-Ordinary Miracle

A few years ago a newer version of Charlotte's Web was released. I love this story and when i heard Sarah McLachlan singing this song in the T-day parade a month before the release of the movie, i was in love! I could NOT wait the see the new movie, nor could i wait till the release of the soundtrack - music has a way of grabbing my heart and this song did that!

As a Daughter of the King, this song fits even more perfectly. We, of all people, can celebrate our Creator for "ordinary" miracles - GIFTS of joy and life and beauty every single day. Tonight, I am not necessarily in a the best mindset or mood - actually I am kinda hungry for some good company, but i needed to remind myself of some of "My favorite things" and tell my Soul - "Why are you downcast? Put YOUR hope IN GOD!" So, here ya go ole soul of mine, God has given you so much to be thankful for, so Get to rejoicing over His Ordinary, (shall we say - EVERYDAY CONTINUAL UNFAILING LOVE) Mir…

Still We Trust

I attended a retreat today and was tremendously blessed by this poem. The author is not listed but here are the powerful words...

Still We Trust
Still will we trust, though earth seems dark and dreary,
And the heart faint beneath His chastening rod;
Though rough and steep our pathway, worn and weary,
Still will we trust in God!

Our eyes see dimly till by faith anointed.
And our blind choosing brings us grief and pain;
Through Him alone Who hath our way appointed,
We find our peace again.

Choose for us, God! Nor let our weak preferring
Cheat our poor souls of good Thou has designed;
Choose for us, God! Thy wisdom is unerring,
And we are fools and blind.

Let us press on, in patient self denial,
Accept the hardship, shrink not from the loss;
Our portion lies beyond the hour of trial,
Our crown beyond the cross.

Labor Day

Hello All!

It's my first day to have slept in my new house all alone! My parents have been here helping me get this house in good safe condition. I am SO thankful for my dad who knows how to fix about anything. He has spent the last two weeks putting up outside lights, rewiring in many areas, basically fixing much of the infrastructure of the house so it is more energy efficient and safe.  Being their only daughter, keeping me safe is a high priority on their list - even when I am 35! (HUH! YEP, i had a birthday last month, I am coming to grips with 35; it seems so grown up!)
Anyhow, here are some pictures of our work! We painted the utility room white and the shelves we painted a mocha coffee color - thanks to the OPPS discount paint at Home Depot it only cost me $10 for two gallons of mocho colored paint!

Last night I enjoyed some laughs with a friend who has also recently purchased her first house.  We laughed about all the items you suddenly need when you move into a house tha…