Kittens and Kiddos

My employer has been keeping two sweet kittens in her office for a few weeks. I had to drop by yesterday, to my joy and pleasure, i played with the little furballs for a few minutes before going next door to visit my chiropractor. As I was about to leave, I saw a bundle of children pass by the office window, I heard the kids exclaim "ohhhh, look! Kittens!"

As i entered the doctors waiting room, there were the same sweet faces of the children who had passed the office window not two minutes ago. I was very impressed at how well behaved these four kids were - They were all under the age of 10 or 11. Each of them were quietly looking at a magazine or book the doctor had available in the waiting room. As I waited I made small talk with the father and the kids, they were very cordial and mannerly. I learned that they had been missionaries and homeschooled their kids; six in all! I felt a warm-ness towards the kids; they were very likable! Soon, it was time for them to depart and as the father was wrapping up business with the doctor, the kids all hunched together near the door, as if calling a football team together. In a few seconds, they shook their heads in agreement, and turned in my direction. In four steps their faces were within inches of mine - they leaned over close and spoke softly, "Can we go over and see the kittens?"

It was adorable! I didn't even realize they had seen me through the tinted windows. I was happy to comply with their wishes and instructed them what to do. They all exited happily with their father. I hope their father allowed them a short visit with the little animals next door. The whole experience was very endearing to my heart. Kittens and Kiddos - all in one day! What a sweet blessing to my heart.


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