First Day of Fall

Time flies. Here I sit on my comfy red couch, enjoying the new look of my living room - my dad painted last night after we worked all morning on stripping the wallpaper. I should have guessed he would have it painted by the time I returned from my night shift this afternoon. It looks GREAT - much better than the pink/peach walls with border and wallpaper. The trim is white - it simply looks softer and bigger. I still need to put window treatments up and hang pictures but i am happy with the way the paint turned the room around! I will post pictures later.

I am also enjoying having my niece here for the night. She is presently two - and very verbal. She is such a joy. This new phase of toddlerhood has come so fast! It seems just yesterday she was such a baby! Time does fly.

God has blessed me in my studies as well. More than an academic school, CIU makes it very clear that it is about being transformed within before we can make a difference without. Transformed people transform others. Obviously, God does the transformimg - it is a huge privilege to be used for His Purposes.

So - Fall begins! I take a deep breath, think of the wonders of the season: cooler temperatures, sweaters, fall colors, pumpkin and spice, football games, hot chocolate(i would say coffee and tea but i enjoy those all year long!)....harvest festivals: it is simply a wonderful season!!


Mike said…
I so agree! I love this time of year and can't wait for the colours to appear. Glas it has started well for you.
Glad you are doing well! This weather is beautiful. We miss seeing you!
Fall is lives most wonderful things. Excited for you and all the change in your home! Sounds like it will be cozy!
:..Rebekah..: said…
I love fall. It's definately my favorite time of the year...all the way up to Christmas!

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