Labor Day

Hello All!

It's my first day to have slept in my new house all alone! My parents have been here helping me get this house in good safe condition. I am SO thankful for my dad who knows how to fix about anything. He has spent the last two weeks putting up outside lights, rewiring in many areas, basically fixing much of the infrastructure of the house so it is more energy efficient and safe.  Being their only daughter, keeping me safe is a high priority on their list - even when I am 35! (HUH! YEP, i had a birthday last month, I am coming to grips with 35; it seems so grown up!)

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our work! We painted the utility room white and the shelves we painted a mocha coffee color - thanks to the OPPS discount paint at Home Depot it only cost me $10 for two gallons of mocho colored paint!

Last night I enjoyed some laughs with a friend who has also recently purchased her first house.  We laughed about all the items you suddenly need when you move into a house that you never even thought about before; we compared our joys of new things.  I love my new pots and pans - these were a MUCH needed item as my hot water heater did not work the first week we moved in the house -  and i have a new washer too! I find I like hanging out my laundry (no dryer yet); it reminds me of when I  lived at the ranch and we had to hang out laundry every morning.  It demands that you slow down for a few minutes and enjoy being outside.  Hmmm, a good time to pray too!

I still have boxes stuffed in closets and pictures leaning on walls, but wall paper needs to come down and paint needs to be painted on my walls.  Little by little it is looking and feeling like home.  Next weekend I may be bringing my new puppy home.  She has been living at Jimbo's for the last two weeks.  She is a black labrador mix, and she is only 14 weeks old.  She and her brother are pretty smart.  I enjoy playing with them when I visit their house.  I didn't feel that I was ready to bring her home yet - i can only juggle so much at a time.  I am thinking of a possible name - any suggestions? She has a little white "Star" on her chest - I called her "Little Star" but Jimbo made fun of that name, saying it sounds like a cat name.  Some other possibilities are Sasha or Daisy.  What do you think?

Well enjoy the pictures and keep me in your prayers! 


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sorry..didn't read SHE in there..although you wrote it more than once.....


abey, ALFALFA, CLEMENTINE (reminds me of the south), MANDY, SCHNOOK, CHECKERS, JEMIMA, PRETZEL, WINDY, Tempo, Trinity, Trekky :0, Trekker :)
:..Rebekah..: said…
I'll be 34 my next birthday, and I love it! I like getting older because I feel that people (and certain relatives) will think of me as an adult. Like you said, it seems so grown up! :)
I'm glad you are enjoying your new home, and how great to have parents stay with you to help you get things in good condition. What a blessing!
Kelli 33 said…
I have to hang my laundry out to dry as well!! They don't really sell dryers in Japan so I'm drying clothes old school style! So fun all the adventures you are experiencing with your new home. And thank you for your reminder on what a great and rewarding job teaching is. It IS the hardest but the most rewarding as you said, and it is such a God-thing to be able to love these kids and see them through His eyes. I am grateful for this opportunity. Speaking of teaching, how's your job?? I can't remember what you teach so you'll have to remind your forgetful friend :) Miss you and love you AND thanks for being so faithful in posting to my blog! It's great staying connected and in touch with you my twin!!
That pic of you painting..cracks me up. I have NEVER seen someone so happy while they are painting! LOL :)

I do remember many years ago..two gals painting side by side a newly married couples suite. :) Maybe I have seen more smiles...:)

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