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Learning with Sasha

I am a huge fan of The Dog Whisperer. I have always enjoyed psychology and understanding the how and why of humans and animals. I enjoy the National Geographic channel, getting mesmerized with documentaries about exotic animals or whatever. So, when I learned about the Dog Whisperer, I couldn't wait to see what it was all about - I even borrowed the book from my friend and read it — and I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A DOG! Needless to say, I would try these new techniques with whatever dog I came in contact with and talked about this cool stuff with friends who had dogs. It made perfect sense to me!

Now, I am trying to apply all this wisdom to my sweet Sasha - honestly, I don't know if she has earned the title "sweet" .... I can say I have seen pretty great results with her. She had little training when I brought her home so I started right away. She got the sitting before eating procedure down pretty fast. Food is a huge motivator! She also has the fetch trick down…

Some Thoughts on Job

This morning I was reading Job; I have a wonderful chronological Bible that has divided the Bible up into 365 days so you can read the whole thing in one year and it is in order! For example, one of David's psalms will be found in the place he may have written it — while he was running from Saul in the wilderness. It is pretty cool if you ask me.

So, Job is read early on in the year — pretty much right after the exciting story of Joseph! As I finished Job's words (what he said in response to his "friends"), I stepped back a bit; Job has just been saying he is innocent, and wants to go before God to present his case. His friends have been digging in to force Job to confess the sin which obviously, from their point of view and theology, brought on all this hardship. Job, is stedfast; he has done nothing wrong.... God has yet to speak. But, I was thinking about the beginning of the book. The insight we, the reader, gain that Job never, to our knowledge, even le…

By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North

I first heard this song last week on my way to church. The first few lines just grabbed my heart and echoed my thoughts and the things God has been whispering to me for many years.

The Pursuit of Man - By A.W. Tozer

I just finished reading this book; it was a bit heavy in the middle but after the final chapters, I think I may need to go back and see what I slept through! IT was SO GOOD. Oh the blessing I have received in pushing through! Here are a few quotes...

"The unconditioned priority of God in His universe is a truth celebrated both in the Old Testament and in the New."

"Because He is, we are and everything else is."

"...[T]he man who has been taught even slightly by the Spirit of Truth... will crave to know God with a vital awareness that goes beyond words and to live in the intimacy of personal communion."

"For sin's human captives God never intends anything less than full deliverance. The Christian message rightly understood means this: The God who by the word of the gospel proclaims men free, by the power of the gospel actually makes them FREE!" (caps added by me)

Referring to the gulf between the Spirit of Christ and the world, "There is n…

Tongue Twister

Here she is again - isn't she just beautiful! I am really enjoying having Sasha; I love when I drive into my drive way and she is standing in the fence just wagging her tail, glad to see me. :-) She is doing great with rollerblading and is learning that a calm dog is a rewarded dog. BUT, one thing she does got me today!
I think she must be the missing link between the evolution from dog to kangaroo or vise versa. She gets all excited and JUMPS, like Straight UP! Seriously, I bet she can jump 4 feet straight up! Well, today as I was coming in the back gate, she was happy to see me and was jumping (I have accomplished getting her not to jump ON me), and WAMP! she hit my jaw with some force! OUCH! It hurt like the dickens! (how's that for southern venacular!?) I felt my jaw to make sure it wasn't broke; I figured i bit my tongue or something but it was way back in the back of my mouth. So, I went inside and began reading and enjoying some quiet time but I noticed that…

Snow In My Yard

How I wish I had a digital camera so I could have captured the lovely snow today! This is about the best I could do - use my webcam! It was SO pretty; it snowed softly until about 2pm. I was like a little kid when I woke up this morning - and powder covered the yard! I almost ran into my roommates room and shouted for her to wake up and see it! Sasha and I had a fun romp! She was game for a few ball tosses!

Inauguration Day

It is a unique day, I am sitting in my cozy living room, watching snow fall outside - very beautiful and such a treat for this part of the country - watching the historic events unfold on my television.
I woke early this morning, and prayers went to the Throne of Grace for our new president, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle and their sweet daughters, as they move into the White House and take the oath of office of the President of the United States of America. What a huge thing! I pray God's blessing on them, and that as they are placed into this seat of authority, we, the people of the United States of America - especially the Church, would rise up and mindfully pray for them, in so doing, pleasing the Lord. I am SO thankful that God is over all things and we can trust Him in our times. He is our Treasure!

Isaiah 33:6
He will be the sure foundation for your times,
a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure.

Introducing Sasha

Meet Sasha! I finally brought her home about two weeks ago, she has been a good challenge for me! We are learning to get along and I am having a lot of fun with her....even when she finds more things to chew on than I can keep up with, needless to say, I should probably buy stock in dog chewy toys!!

She is 6 months old, or somewhere close to that - and she is learning quickly, I am learning quickly too! ;-) Thought you all would like to see new Baby.

#2 Memory Verse for this Month

And He will be the stability of your times,

         A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge;

         The fear of the LORD is his treasure.
Isaiah 33:6 (NAS)

I am going to work on this verse for the second half of this month. I have joined the memory challenge on the LPM blog for this year - so here we go!

Good Day

After posting such a post as yesterday, I knew I needed to report on how God made my day today a Great day! First, last evening I heard some news that put a fear in me about my finances. These days can be scary if we focus on the economy - but we are to set our hearts and minds on things above. Well, because of that news, I had a bit of a fitful night, my soul was calling out for the Lord to do something and show me what to do, if anything. He promised to take care of us - and the verse I am memorizing reminds me that He watches over me and where I am. I am standing on that!

So, this morning, I went before the Throne of Grace with a heightened need. Lord, help me and guide my steps today!

So, I had a focused purpose today, to move on the need to find a solution to my problem. As I moved, believing God was leading me to do what needed to be done, my Spirit sang within! Yes, I believe God met me and moved me. I enjoyed this day and I believe He lead me in some divine appoint…

A Blah Day

Ever have one of those? I feel blah today - I have worked with Sasha this morning and got her all tired out, I did laundry and spent time with my new niece and sweet Madeline and T and J, I have cleaned and taken care of little odds and ends around the house - but still i feel aimless and just blah. My body is begging for a nap but for some reason I am not allowing myself...

Hmm, ever have one of these days? Yes, I had time with the Lord too - maybe i need more.... Loneliness looms, fighting thoughts that want to take me in the wrong direction, not really wanting to do anything but yet don't want to sit still!

Well, I know this isn't too awful exciting or earth-shattering but I thought I would post something that just reflects something that is normal sometimes, just human. Maybe a nap would be the best thing for me....Yes. Anyhow - I hope you are not having a blah day; I miss dear friends today and don't really feel a sense of purpose but that is all feeling huh; T…

A Few New Things

It's Sunday morning - and I am enjoying the stillness of my house. I have laughed and been encouraged this morning after reading LPM's blog: I am so glad I am not the only one who feels like a complete failure during the holidays. It seems the ugliest parts of me like to expose themselves when I should be celebrating with the best! I am glad HIS MERCIES are new every morning! I want to do better this year...and well, seems I am already behind the ball on this one. Ah, it IS a new morning again, He has given me all I need and more. Yes, my heart IS feeling more content and rested. The whirl of the events of the last few weeks are settling down and I have till February to enjoy focusing on house projects - my next project is to organize my laundry room/utility area. Yes - It WILL be looking like a HGTV organized makeover!

I have a few new additions to my home - I have been wanting to post a picture before posting this but I will just have to add it later. Sasha is now t…

Kind Of My Fourth

OH boy...I was "tagged" - I was told to go to my picture file and post from the fourth file, the fourth picture. Well - I say "kind of" because i recently loaded pictures from my dad's digital camera and his camera had the wrong date in it and it filed them in the wrong anyhow, this is "my fourth" of my fourth! This is last Christmas - It may have been the day after Christmas - my mom and dad and I in Genova, Italy. It was SO cold that day and we were wishing we had a few more layers on!

Waiting for Kayden Joy

Here we are - My family and I and friends from church - waiting for the arrival of Kayden Joy. My Sister in law is having a C-section at 12:00; we have all been a bit on edge for a few weeks as we waited for this big day! The birth of a baby is such a miracle and we all are heightened to this fact more and more after the events of last January. Losing Oliver has been one of the hardest events our family has walked through - How thankful we are for the Body of Christ, for tears, for love - for Life. Kayden Joy's arrival will certainly bring great Joy!

Yesterday I read Psalm 104 - I have been repeating the words found therein, "You God are VERY GREAT!" So...our GREAT God, no, our VERY GREAT GOD - is here with us, in the operating room with Timbrel and Jimbo and we are counting down the minutes to celebrate this new little life coming out of the womb!

HERE SHE IS!!! She is 8lbs, 6oz, 20.5 inches, with tiny curls!! OH my goodness, the emotion is unexpressible, seriou…