Tongue Twister

Here she is again - isn't she just beautiful! I am really enjoying having Sasha; I love when I drive into my drive way and she is standing in the fence just wagging her tail, glad to see me. :-) She is doing great with rollerblading and is learning that a calm dog is a rewarded dog. BUT, one thing she does got me today!
I think she must be the missing link between the evolution from dog to kangaroo or vise versa. She gets all excited and JUMPS, like Straight UP! Seriously, I bet she can jump 4 feet straight up! Well, today as I was coming in the back gate, she was happy to see me and was jumping (I have accomplished getting her not to jump ON me), and WAMP! she hit my jaw with some force! OUCH! It hurt like the dickens! (how's that for southern venacular!?) I felt my jaw to make sure it wasn't broke; I figured i bit my tongue or something but it was way back in the back of my mouth. So, I went inside and began reading and enjoying some quiet time but I noticed that my tongue was swelling! I went and looked in the mirror, and there in front of me was a beautiful gash towards the back, underside of my tongue, swelling nicely. My friends will think I developed a lisp overnight! The pain subsided and right now, the swelling has calmed down but it makes eating interesting. Ah, the adventures of my day! Thought I would share!


melanie said…
ouch..good thing tongues are one of the fastest healing things on our body! :)

one day we will have a dog!! You are making me want one by the day!! :)
Rebekah said…
Ooh...I'm sorry! Hope it's back to normal soon!

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