Some Thoughts on Job

This morning I was reading Job; I have a wonderful chronological Bible that has divided the Bible up into 365 days so you can read the whole thing in one year and it is in order! For example, one of David's psalms will be found in the place he may have written it — while he was running from Saul in the wilderness. It is pretty cool if you ask me.

So, Job is read early on in the year — pretty much right after the exciting story of Joseph! As I finished Job's words (what he said in response to his "friends"), I stepped back a bit; Job has just been saying he is innocent, and wants to go before God to present his case. His friends have been digging in to force Job to confess the sin which obviously, from their point of view and theology, brought on all this hardship. Job, is stedfast; he has done nothing wrong.... God has yet to speak. But, I was thinking about the beginning of the book. The insight we, the reader, gain that Job never, to our knowledge, even learns.

God points out to Satan, "hey, have you noticed my servant Job?"....Of course Satan had noticed. Satan says in so many words, "yeah, he only loves and worships you because all is good. He would not do so if he did not have all the blessings and health you give him...."

As I thought over this, I thought about our purpose. What was Job doing that was pleasing to God? Glorifying God, giving Him the highest priority in his life and making Him the center; Satan wanted to distract him of this - how? Through hardship and suffering; hmmmm, well, I think it is the same for us. My purpose is the same as Job's; what distracts me from this? Hardship and suffering; if the enemy can get my eyes off of the Glorious God who made us and loves us, then he has the victory - he is stealing from what is rightfully God's. Wow. Hmmmm, I am guilty of having pity parties and complaining and grumbling too much. I confess - and praise the Lord He is faithful and just to forgive me of ALL unrighteousness.

That's all for today, I have work to do.


Anonymous said…
Saija said…
isn't it interesting that in another passage it says "when you pass through the waters ... " meaning going through trials ... it doesn't say IF, but WHEN ... i take it to mean, we will all have hardships ...

so the book of Job ... and Psalms of David ... and other saints of old, are great examples for us today ... as God was with them - He'll be with us too!

blessings on you!

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