A Blah Day

Ever have one of those? I feel blah today - I have worked with Sasha this morning and got her all tired out, I did laundry and spent time with my new niece and sweet Madeline and T and J, I have cleaned and taken care of little odds and ends around the house - but still i feel aimless and just blah. My body is begging for a nap but for some reason I am not allowing myself...

Hmm, ever have one of these days? Yes, I had time with the Lord too - maybe i need more.... Loneliness looms, fighting thoughts that want to take me in the wrong direction, not really wanting to do anything but yet don't want to sit still!

Well, I know this isn't too awful exciting or earth-shattering but I thought I would post something that just reflects something that is normal sometimes, just human. Maybe a nap would be the best thing for me....Yes. Anyhow - I hope you are not having a blah day; I miss dear friends today and don't really feel a sense of purpose but that is all feeling huh; TRUTH is unchanging and God is even, YES, oh yes, in the blah days. He is never blah! How thankful I am that HE IS UNCHANGING and TOTALLY AWESOME every day even when I am up and down, over and out, blah and bored.


melanie said…
when you have a blah day...YOU have a blah day! Wherever I go you are blah..from blogger to FB..lol :)
melanie said…
...blah days are part of life..:) Hope..today is better! :)

You need to get those pics up of all your HGTV makeovers! :)

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