Waiting for Kayden Joy

Here we are - My family and I and friends from church - waiting for the arrival of Kayden Joy. My Sister in law is having a C-section at 12:00; we have all been a bit on edge for a few weeks as we waited for this big day! The birth of a baby is such a miracle and we all are heightened to this fact more and more after the events of last January. Losing Oliver has been one of the hardest events our family has walked through - How thankful we are for the Body of Christ, for tears, for love - for Life. Kayden Joy's arrival will certainly bring great Joy!

Yesterday I read Psalm 104 - I have been repeating the words found therein, "You God are VERY GREAT!" So...our GREAT God, no, our VERY GREAT GOD - is here with us, in the operating room with Timbrel and Jimbo and we are counting down the minutes to celebrate this new little life coming out of the womb!

HERE SHE IS!!! She is 8lbs, 6oz, 20.5 inches, with tiny curls!! OH my goodness, the emotion is unexpressible, seriously - i was pretty calm but when she was brought out and i began to take pictures....trimmers of joy ;-) started rolling over me...YES, JOY! It is almost too much to contain! Thank You Lord! oh goodness, the tears!

Timbrel is doing fine, at this point she hasn't seen the new gem - I hope they take her in soon. Kayden has already had her first sponge bath and her first diaper on.... They just took her back to see her mommy!! :-)


Rebekah said…
What a sweet blessing! I'm praising God with you and praying for a safe delivery.
melanie said…
Welcome Kayden Joy!!

I pray in Jesus Name for complete peace in J and T's hearts and minds as they deliver kayden joy

thou will keep him in PERFECT PEACE whose MIND is STAYED on THEE!

God designed the baby - Growing - birthing process... we rest in YOUR master design!!! Amen
melanie said…
I cannot wait till Timbrel gets to hold her for the first time!! Sweet Timbrel. I pray healing over her sweet heart.

my heart is so full of thanksgiving and joy
Anonymous said…
you've been tagged, see myblog for details on how to play.

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