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Surprise Spring Break!

I have been surprised this week with a Spring Break! I have been pushing through my weeks like a freight train and I did not see this stop coming.  What a blessing!  As I realized my evenings were clearing out for this week (last week), I anticipated being able to work more during the days - substituting - and enjoying my evenings, sitting on my backyard swing, being home.

So as I geared up to sign up each day to substitute, no jobs were available... no calls, nothing! Then I realized the district in which I work is testing this week.  It's a big deal; teachers have to be there and no sub jobs will be posted.  Bummer for the loss of income but God has been blessing me, and He knew my body needed rest, my house needed cleaning, and a list of things were waiting to keep me busy.  That "list" of things are things that re-energize me, so I have embraced the week.  I know He has each day under control.  Thanks LORD!

He gave me a special assignment yesterday.  I got to accom…

Ten Reasons It's A Good Day

IMG_5201, a photo by tamigirl814 on Flickr. 1. Sleeping in and waking to natural light and singing birds wafting through my bedroom windows.

2. Having a coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese at Panera Bread. Oh Yum, such a treat!

3. Enjoying my time at Panera with a sweet friend.

4. Hearing Truth resonate in my Spirit, bringing me into more and more freedom! (This of course tops the chart, but these are not necessarily in order.)

5. Bittersweet goodbye, a dear elderly friend has entered the Gates of Heaven, and met Jesus face to face this morning. She is walking with Him now, Hallelujah! 

6. Another day I sense my Kingdom Perspective being enhanced and sharpened. We are here for His Glory, His Kingdom and His Design.

7. Spring weather is here: a friend calls it "Sprummer" as SC's tempts rise quickly.... I love Spring. 

8. Going Grocery shopping: love to know my kitchen is ready to be used appropriately!

9. Naps.... headed for one real soon.

10. The Weekend…

Fourth Grade

It is a good thing to learn our limits.  Yesterday, I learned yet another one. 

Fourth grade is not for me.  Funny, as I approached my Monday Sub assignment, my brain began searching for a memory of my fourth grade year.  It is very very foggy! I believe the fourth grade year involved some kind of move from FL to GA... my 3rd grade year meshes into my 4th grade year.  My next memory is of my memorable, but not in the best way, 5th grade year. 

So yesterday, as I walked into yet another new unfamiliar classroom, a wave of horror washed over me when I realized the chaos the day held for me.  For one, the students had been deposited into the classroom before I arrived.  First confirmation that it was starting on the wrong foot.  Second, NO plans or note or anything that a sub was expected and planned for - only a room that held no sign of order. 

Elementary school is a world into it's own.  It has an invisible schedule.  Routine is what runs the day; no bells, no chimes, no dings …