Ten Reasons It's A Good Day

IMG_5201, a photo by tamigirl814 on Flickr.
IMG_5201 by tamigirl814
1. Sleeping in and waking to natural light and singing birds wafting through my bedroom windows.

2. Having a coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese at Panera Bread. Oh Yum, such a treat!

3. Enjoying my time at Panera with a sweet friend.

4. Hearing Truth resonate in my Spirit, bringing me into more and more freedom! (This of course tops the chart, but these are not necessarily in order.)

5. Bittersweet goodbye, a dear elderly friend has entered the Gates of Heaven, and met Jesus face to face this morning. She is walking with Him now, Hallelujah! 

6. Another day I sense my Kingdom Perspective being enhanced and sharpened. We are here for His Glory, His Kingdom and His Design.

7. Spring weather is here: a friend calls it "Sprummer" as SC's tempts rise quickly.... I love Spring. 

8. Going Grocery shopping: love to know my kitchen is ready to be used appropriately!

9. Naps.... headed for one real soon.

10. The Weekend is here!!


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