Fourth Grade

It is a good thing to learn our limits.  Yesterday, I learned yet another one. 

Fourth grade is not for me.  Funny, as I approached my Monday Sub assignment, my brain began searching for a memory of my fourth grade year.  It is very very foggy! I believe the fourth grade year involved some kind of move from FL to GA... my 3rd grade year meshes into my 4th grade year.  My next memory is of my memorable, but not in the best way, 5th grade year. 

So yesterday, as I walked into yet another new unfamiliar classroom, a wave of horror washed over me when I realized the chaos the day held for me.  For one, the students had been deposited into the classroom before I arrived.  First confirmation that it was starting on the wrong foot.  Second, NO plans or note or anything that a sub was expected and planned for - only a room that held no sign of order. 

Elementary school is a world into it's own.  It has an invisible schedule.  Routine is what runs the day; no bells, no chimes, no dings that say, "time to go here!" or "time to finish!"  Being a sub has it's own disadvantages:  the more you know the better the day runs.  My knowledge level went into the negative before the day was "suppose" to start. 

Ah, how I needed the "joyful overcoming" power of Jesus yesterday.  He provided, and I did overcome through the gracious neighboring teachers in the school.  It was not without some frustration rising nor a resolution to avoid fourth grade the rest of my life.  Well, maybe not the particularly adorable individual, but as a whole, as a class, I learned my limit. 


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