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Pioneering Woman Wanna-Be

So tonight I brought home some wonderful peaches from the farmer's market: thoughts of peach cobbler was making my mouth water all the way home.  I could hardly wait to throw it together.  I had it in the oven by 8:30 tonight because I didn't get home until 7, and I had some chatting to do with my friend who is staying with me this week and dinner to eat.

After my cobbler had been in the oven a good 35 minutes or so, I decided it was time to check out the progress.  I have an old gas oven, and sometimes it is a little persnickety.  When I opened the oven, I realized the flame had gone out and the cobbler was not even close to being done.  I investigated the pilot light and the burner, it was completely out of commission.  I tried working with it but kept having horrific mental images of the whole thing exploding in my face, and I kind of like my eye brows so I surrendered any further attempts.

What was I going to do now!? My cobbler was partly cooked.... I did not want to was…


I have been praying a lot about direction and guidance lately. This next 12 months of my life will finish my program here at CIU and I have no clue what my life will look like when I am finished. Anxiety shakes my soul like trimmers of a far away earthquake; yet I know He is faithful and will show me one step at a time.

I came to Him this morning with the concern a bit more festered up than yesterday - not sure why some moments are worse than others, but I lifted it up to Him - I prayed, "Use this to show me what YOU want me to see Lord." He reminded me....

“The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”- Psalm 138:8

God has been blessing me so much in the last few weeks with new insight, I know He is using this quiet summer to help me see Him differently, address some old fears that hide in the corners of my heart and heal wounds that fester up with loneliness. I rejoice over the way He has been openi…
God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits,    to the woman who diligently seeks. It's a good thing to quietly hope,    quietly hope for help from God. It's a good thing when you're young    to stick it out through the hard times.
Lamentations 3:25-26 
The Message
Thanks Holly!


We've been together for 80,000 plus miles now... I pray she lasts me at least that many more miles.  Yes, I am talking about my 2005 Hyundai Sonata! I love my car just as much as the day I drove her home! God helped me find it and I could not have found a more beautiful set of wheels on my own; i love the color, the style, the interior, the way it drives and the sound system AND that it has a keyless clicker and a sunroof.  :-) Yep... Today was a special day; I tried to catch it the moment it turned over from 99,999 to 100,000 but my thoughts distracted me and when I looked down it read 100,037.  That amused me as I am turning 37 this year - and am having a little trouble swallowing that - But God has a sense of humor.  He is giving me some special things wrapped up with those numbers - check out Psalm 37:7 for example: that is my Rx from God this summer... do you think those numbers are a coincidence - NOT. :-) anyhow, He is good like that... So, this is me, in '07, after ha…

Wonders of a Nap

*yawn*... not sure I am seein' straight eyes a still blurry but such sweet thoughts fell into my head and heart upon waking from a good nap just now... I thought I would blog about it.

I have been having a not-so-great weekend: let me define that for you - upon arriving home from vacation I have been experiencing a lot of sadness, though i love coming home, my house is very quiet... my roommate is gone until August, sweet friends who i love dearly have gone on from Columbia and loneliness welcomed me home when I unloaded my suitcases. I was very thankful one dear friend was here Thursday night: she is one precious soul who allowed me to unload my woes... So I wasn't completely alone, but the feeling was heavy on me.

The loneliness decided to hang around even though I had two boys to look after this weekend: their folks asked me to babysit. I was glad, but I truly felt like I wanted to curl up at home and enjoy being sad and lonely, alone: instead I felt sad and a…

Shack Reflections

I am back in SC after a nice week with family: six days with parents, grandparents, brothers and sister-in-loves, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles as well as seeing old friends and visiting my home church and hitting the beach for some sun and surf made for a great vacation! I love a good road trip and traveling but what makes a good trip great is coming home! I missed my bed - I slept in three different beds in six nights, caught a nasty sinus cold and two pairs of shoes got left behind (to be returned in my brothers return trip!) AND ate way too many calories - but hey, that is all part of going on vacation, right!? So... hitting the health diet today! (Just finished off a yummy cucumber/tomato/feta cheese salad... believe it or not, that was my breakfast!)

Somewhere in the past six days, I thought about The Shack. I came up with three significant points: Relationship, Trust, and Goodness.

Relationship: I know many had issues with the presentation of "God, the Fath…

Reflections To Come: The Shack

I finished reading "The Shack" last night. I have many thoughts I want to reflect upon; but I read it kind of quickly and want to re-read a few chapters so I can better grasp that which grasped me. I want to thank those who have recommended the reading of this book. I thought it very interesting when I posted on my FB page that I was reading it, I received many comments, from folks I do not usually hear from; their comments were a mixed review. This book has surely stirred up some things. I am glad.

Personally, my heart was very blessed, my being affirmed and the Truths God has been whispering into my Soul were simply confirmed. I am heading to FL today to hang out with family and friends from my hometown. I have given myself an assignment: to post a few reflections on this book. So, over the next few days, I am going to re-read a few chapters and share my thoughts. I would love some feedback; no arguments please ;-)

After reading the book, it actually grieves me…

You Are For Me - Kari Jobe

My goal this summer is to be Still... so that I can Know Him more, to go deeper... this song is something I sing to Him and to myself to remind myself... that HE is GOOD; I want to know Him better; I want Him to write upon my heart.... His Love, Grace, Truth... Himself. The more I study, the More I walk through this journey of Life - a precious gift from Him - the more I realize... it really is about knowing Him... Jesus, Only Jesus... and the more I know Him, the more I know myself... as His creation... the MORE I will experience love, freedom, and abundant life. Of course, in all seasons of life, He beacons to us to be still.... and I believe it can be done, I know too, that some seasons are much more challenging... yet, I love how gracious He is to us... more gracious than we are to ourselves.

He is for us... even in our weakness... actually, that is where I see Him the most... He is so very good, and so very for me. Thank You Lord!


Kitty is happy this morning.

Yesterday morning my house was packed. I had the joy of having my brothers family (4 peeps, big & little), our friend Sue, and my sister in love's sister staying here at my house. Count that = six peeps, not including me, so that makes seven. I have a little house, though it is bigger than my brother's. It was tight quarters. Thus, the reason, kitty is purring very loudly this morning happy to have my attention, quiet, undisturbed spaces and her food on time.

I am having tea this morning, with honey, instead of coffee. I have had a cup of tea almost every morning in the last ten years - with the exception of the most previous two years - I started with the coffee. Prior to moving here, I did not have a coffee maker (electric anyhow) and I enjoy the slower, healthier richness of a good cup of PG tips. I fits me better... i don't like moving fast in the mornings. I enjoy a slow start; tea must steep for a few minutes. That is like…