Pioneering Woman Wanna-Be

So tonight I brought home some wonderful peaches from the farmer's market: thoughts of peach cobbler was making my mouth water all the way home.  I could hardly wait to throw it together.  I had it in the oven by 8:30 tonight because I didn't get home until 7, and I had some chatting to do with my friend who is staying with me this week and dinner to eat.

After my cobbler had been in the oven a good 35 minutes or so, I decided it was time to check out the progress.  I have an old gas oven, and sometimes it is a little persnickety.  When I opened the oven, I realized the flame had gone out and the cobbler was not even close to being done.  I investigated the pilot light and the burner, it was completely out of commission.  I tried working with it but kept having horrific mental images of the whole thing exploding in my face, and I kind of like my eye brows so I surrendered any further attempts.

What was I going to do now!? My cobbler was partly cooked.... I did not want to waste a whole pan of my favorite dessert! Hmmmm, cook it on the stove top? No... ah, ha!! My grill! It has a cover and the temperature can be "controlled" or at least read from the outside.  Maybe it would work....

I am sure my neighbors were wondering why I was firing up the grill at 9:30 at night!  I got it going, carried my dish with the half baked peach cobbler outside and placed it on the grill.  I covered it and went back inside to continue working on my dining room project: peeling 40 year old wallpaper off the walls.  15 minutes later or more, I went out to check on my dessert.  Smoke was fluffing up over the backyard fence - not much, but enough to spread the smell of peach cobbler and old hamburger grease to the neighbors noses.  I opened the grill to find a well-done, though a little chard cobbler!! It worked!!

Here is what it looked like... after digging in for my second helping!

So it just goes to prove, even if your oven breaks in the middle of baking yummy peach cobbler, a handy-dandy grill with a cover can come to the rescue! I am doggone proud of myself!  It may not look too pretty but it worked.  lol... though, that dish will have to soak for about 3 days before coming clean! Ha! And of course, I eat my cobbler "a la mode!" Goodnight!!


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