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When You Got an Itch...

My goodness, it is PAST 11PM - and I am UP not feeling a wee bit tired; and i woke up a little past 4AM this morning... I took a tiny little napper this afternoon but nothing that gives me reason to be up now, feeling like this!  So... figured I would blog.

I am working on a homework assignment for a book called The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg.  It blessed my socks off; it is kind of a spiritual assessment guide.  Pre-reading I had an assumption it would be a dry book.  I was wrong.  Could NOT put it down; one part I love about it is the personal spiritual journey's of the authors.  There are two; I am too lazy to bend down and get the other name.  Hagberg is the one I remember.  Reading their stories made it very alive and fresh.

Anywho... my assignment is a personal one, to assess myself using the stages described in the book.  It is one of those assignments the professor says he can't really grade but invites us to be open and vulnerable.  It has been good for my hea…

Saturday Project with the Furkids

An improved version of the previous post of this video... Enjoy!

Saturday Project

Saturday's are great!! I had a project on my list and here it is: my utility room.  It was getting mighty messy and making it NOT a great utility area.  So.... I went to work this morning.

First Days of Fall

Hi Friends!! It is officially the second day of Fall, the weather here in SC at this moment reads 89 degrees; it's still quite hot - but hints of Fall are all around.

This past month I have had an extra guest in my house; her name is Tracy and it has been a HUGE blessing to my heart to have her stay.  God knows what we need; how thankful I am for friends.  Over the past year and half she and Jamison, another sweet friend, and I, have been enjoying a growing friendship.  All of us are single, all over 30, all experiencing being a student AGAIN, each of us has a unique personality and each of us have come to appreciate, celebrate and treasure the value of needing each other in our lives - for balance, health and fulfillment.

God designed us to need each other; people come and go in our lives.  Relationships grow, shrink, disappear and morph over the years; being single, the need for connection and belonging is magnified.  I know many married folks who feel alone and long for conne…

A Wedding

The Lord blessed me with the honor of being asked to coordinate a wedding for a young couple in my church.  The sweet bride was timid in asking; I was so excited and ready to jump in.  Coordinating a wedding is something I have wanted to try my hand in and now my opportunity was here! I was blessed in more ways than I expected.  One of the most beautiful things about this wedding was the tender love this couple has for the Lord Jesus.  Christ being their first love made this wedding that much more beautiful; His smile seemed to make a radiant bride and a gleaming groom sparkle that much more - it honestly took my breath away!!  My congratulations goes to David and Cassie Smillie, here are a few snap shots I took...


God is doing a wonderful thing: He is always doing wondrous things, it is a matter of our perspective whether we get it or not - and share in the glory.  Lord, give me Your eyes...

I have posted a few times about my church life.  God has made us to know Him individually as well as corporately.  We miss a HUGE part of His design if we try to Lone Ranger our way through life.  God designed us for intimacy - with Him and with others.  It is a wonderful part of our humanness - that brings great joy and the capacity for great pain. 

Over the past year, my church life has been characterized with some turbulent waters.  As a part of the whole, I felt the painful knowledge that our church was wounded and limping along.  The Lord blessed me by allowing me to be as involved as I could be - I greatly enjoyed teaching Sunday school and singing with the worship team - yet I knew there were many in our Body who were experiencing great grief over what was happening in our midst.  Our church was wrestl…