A Wedding

The Lord blessed me with the honor of being asked to coordinate a wedding for a young couple in my church.  The sweet bride was timid in asking; I was so excited and ready to jump in.  Coordinating a wedding is something I have wanted to try my hand in and now my opportunity was here! I was blessed in more ways than I expected.  One of the most beautiful things about this wedding was the tender love this couple has for the Lord Jesus.  Christ being their first love made this wedding that much more beautiful; His smile seemed to make a radiant bride and a gleaming groom sparkle that much more - it honestly took my breath away!!  My congratulations goes to David and Cassie Smillie, here are a few snap shots I took...
Some fun with the photographer - the weather was so perfect!!!
I love this!

God sent some butterflies to celebrate with us!

The Groom is in there somewhere.... 

Self Portrait :-)


Anonymous said…
thanks for blessing me by sharing about the wedding. God is good.
Billy said…
You may have a future as a Wedding photographer - great pics!

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