When You Got an Itch...

My goodness, it is PAST 11PM - and I am UP not feeling a wee bit tired; and i woke up a little past 4AM this morning... I took a tiny little napper this afternoon but nothing that gives me reason to be up now, feeling like this!  So... figured I would blog.

I am working on a homework assignment for a book called The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg.  It blessed my socks off; it is kind of a spiritual assessment guide.  Pre-reading I had an assumption it would be a dry book.  I was wrong.  Could NOT put it down; one part I love about it is the personal spiritual journey's of the authors.  There are two; I am too lazy to bend down and get the other name.  Hagberg is the one I remember.  Reading their stories made it very alive and fresh.

Anywho... my assignment is a personal one, to assess myself using the stages described in the book.  It is one of those assignments the professor says he can't really grade but invites us to be open and vulnerable.  It has been good for my heart and soul in many ways.  God is so very faithful, and I have enjoyed reflecting on my JOURNEY with the Lord.

Thus, the title of my blog.  I love to think of life as a journey, an adventurous journey with amazing views, unexpected turns, valleys, mountains, destinations that help us to know our Maker and know who we are as His creation.  I love adventures....

I love to travel.  Every now and again, at least twice a year, I get an itch to pack up my suitcase, hop on a plane and go somewhere... I have been to Europe several times; L-O-V-E it.  I love history, so anything that includes some historical learning is fun to me.  I have several destinations on my "bucket list" I have yet to see; Prince Edward Island, Northwestern American coastline, Glacier National Park, Alaska - preferrably on a cruise ship, Spain, the New England coastline... to name a few.

The "itch" has come again.  Like Now.  I have no time, or money to afford any sort of travel but I like to dream.  This weekend I am going camping in the NC mountains.  That will be fun; it may bring some relief to my adventure/travel itch.

So, yeah; anyone want to join me on my next trip?  Travel light... it is more fun that way! :-)


Anonymous said…
this entry helps me to get to know you a little better. i like to travel too.

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