Renovating Here - Notice some changes...

If you have been following me here, you will be well aware I have been neck-deep in a huge renovation project.  This last week, it has about done me in! I don't know if I am receiving some physical notices that I am getting older... but every part of my body is "powerful worn out" (know where that quote comes from??)!

Since I am in the renovating mindset, I thought it was time to make some updating changes on my blog.  I wanted to add a few gadgets to make it more interesting, give me some better feedback, and freshen it up a bit.  As you can see the "gadgets" are on a slide out thing to the right of the screen: notice I have added a "Popular Posts" gadget.  You will also notice there are some feedback and sharing tools for you! I also added a few links to my "about me" page, if you are just coming through for the first time (or have only visited a few times), stop by and let's officially meet!

I would LOVE more feed back, so please leave a comment if you stop by: it so makes my day!  What do you think?  Should I add something else?  What would you like to hear about...?  I like a challenge to think about and would love to use this blog to connect more with those far and near.  I love my little blog here, and I use it to share the big, bad, ugly, good, and delicious adventures of my life.  I may be the only one re-reading it at times; it's worth it.  But... if you read, I would love to hear more from you!  

As for the wonderful things that have been happening in my house and yard these last few days, here are a few snippets!
Dad worked hard outside; my yard needed a massive military cut.  Here, the driveway is free of the grass that was creeping over the edges and up through the cracks!  I love my dad...

The garbage men are going to love me on Monday!

The Yellow Room now has curtains!! Yeah!!

New hood? NO! Thanks to Norwex it shined up like new!! See my sweet Momma working hard in the background... I am so blessed!

Re-assembling the cabinets ... 

It may not look like much to you, but this is AFTER the great clean up my dad did all alone (I was inside painting!).  Details:  the eve of the house has a fresh coat of paint, and it's been scrubbed down with bleach, the hedges and bushes have all been trimmed and shaped, all the edges have been cut and trimmed, the carport has been cleaned off and washed, just to name a few!  My dad may have raised the bar too high....


Mary said…
Looks great! That's some hard work.
Tammie Hull said…
Thanks Mary!! Do you have a blog??

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