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New Normal

Hello To those who read my blog!  It's been a few weeks since I returned from Costa Rica.  A new season has begun and I am getting my footing.  No longer a student, I am back to work (substituting) Monday through Friday, embracing what God has for me each day.

My new normal is very nice so far.  I like the freedom, flexibility, and variety I have in my schedule.   I have a new appreciation for everything, odd, and random, such as:

The order we have in our society.  If you have traveled overseas, you will understand this appreciation.

Groupons!  I just returned from a two-hour kayak excursion from a groupon I purchased earlier in the summer.  It was great fun which I enjoyed with my friend, Shayna.  She works with the Navigators and I like her very much.
I also got my oil changed this week for a bargain price through a groupon!

Fall:  this year, maybe more than past years, I am so excited about the season.  I am excited about the change of the weather, wearing my favorite jeans, …

Hola From Costa Rica

My adventures keep coming!  What a year this has been!  If you would have asked me 8 weeks ago what I would be doing the first of September, I would have said, "substituting, and counseling, and on the look out for a full time job."  Instead, I have been in San Jose, Costa Rice for over a week now... Why?  This should answer you question:

This is my younger brother, with his New Little Lillian Faith.  Jimbo and Timbrel invited me to come down for a few weeks to help with the arrival of this Little One.  Now... How could I turn down that opportunity?

This moment will live forever in my memory.  Lillian was literally only minutes out of the womb.  She had yet to even be washed off, her extremities were still blue, and it was beautiful to see the rudy-red spread over her little limbs in the next hour or so...

She met all her sisters, and brother in a very short time of coming into this world.  She had a lot to take in.  She was born August 31, 7 lbs 7 oz, 19.7 in.  She is a per…