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Braveheart is a powerful movie. It pretty much leaves you speechless...I like movies like that. I just spent this rainy Sunday afternoon watching it. It makes me feel the urgency to truly live, not compromising for temporary pleasure but to keep my eyes and heart set on the eternal. One line, probably the most powerful and underlying message of the movie is also my favorite, "Your heart is free; have the courage to follow it."

"He whom the son sets free is free indeed...."- Jesus Christ

Missing Fellowship

My heart ached tonight as I drove home from work, the sky was almost dark and I realized I had left my house almost 12 hours earlier - the sun was just peeping over the horizon then, now it was gone altogether. This is the 5th Sunday I have been unable to attend church. While I was in Florida last week, I realized my schedule would be causing this and I started to think about finding some sort of fellowship that met on Sunday evenings or Saturday evenings. My soul is hungry for fellowship, hearing the Word and worshipping with my brothers and sisters in Jesus.

So, I am asking you to pray for me as I seek a New Body of believers in Columbia. I have been attending my brother's church when I am able but for some reason I think this obstacle is something God may be allowing to direct me to a different place. I will continue to attend that church as I am able. Yet even in attending there, pray I find kindred hearts and like-minded brothers and sisters. I was so embraced and lo…

Fabulous Surprise Florida Trip

I can't let too many days go by without sharing a great treat God blessed me with...a trip to Florida!

After being here in SC for almost six months, I was feeling like a tumble weed. God heard a very sad cry a few weeks ago for something special to perk me up. I had no idea a trip to Florida would be His answer and gift!

A dear friend was in need of someone to drive her to Florida; I offered my services. It was a blessing to her - but I was the one who received the best blessing! Fall in Florida may not have all the brilliant colors of the north, but it is about the best time of year to visit! The temperature is perfect, and well, it is just great - especially when you get to visit some of the most wonderful people in the world - or at least of the ones i have met so far and stick you toes in the sand and surf of the Atlantic and not lose them to frostbite!

After dropping my friend off at her destination, the open road was mine. I did a loop-de-loop through Central Florida…

Finding Grace

Recently I have been working on memorizing some passages for one of my classes in seminary. Hebrews 4:15-16 has been one I have focused on in the last few days. Grace is something I gaining a new perspective on; I was saved as a young child and never experienced a radical shift from BC days to AC days. There is only so much a three year old can grasp - I just knew I wanted to go to Heaven and you had to have Jesus in your heart to get there - So i asked Him in!

So, God has been teaching me about grace. It has been a wonderful lesson. As I meditated on this verse in Hebrews, I thought about the words, "to receive mercy and find grace...." To find grace, like a hidden treasure we needed for Life, and found with delight! I like that; to find grace! It tastes really good. As I walked this morning in the crisp fall air - it seemed this was exemplified as I drank in the beauty of the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. Simply breathtaking; that's what Gra…

Pawn has been moved

Many are in a place of disbelief this morning or sadness or just numbness, some are excited for the political page that has turned. I was pushing for the McCain ticket. I have to admit, I too feel a little apprehension; what will our country look like in four years? 8 years? All of this makes me feel thankful our country is the way it is: we have a power few others have. Just as Jesus said in the parables of the Kingdom; the smallest of seeds grows into the most majestic of trees! Great things come from small beginnings.

I am actually a bit excited this morning. We are at a point where we must not look to our leaders for freedom, we must look to the Lord. I know many, many who already do this - PRAISE THE LORD! But it is time we pull in tighter and pray more fervently; a time of refining has come. God is our King. The times are in His Hands; We can rejoice in that! We are in interesting times and that is exciting!

Also, I look at the annuals of history....and see the MANY many…