Missing Fellowship

My heart ached tonight as I drove home from work, the sky was almost dark and I realized I had left my house almost 12 hours earlier - the sun was just peeping over the horizon then, now it was gone altogether. This is the 5th Sunday I have been unable to attend church. While I was in Florida last week, I realized my schedule would be causing this and I started to think about finding some sort of fellowship that met on Sunday evenings or Saturday evenings. My soul is hungry for fellowship, hearing the Word and worshipping with my brothers and sisters in Jesus.

So, I am asking you to pray for me as I seek a New Body of believers in Columbia. I have been attending my brother's church when I am able but for some reason I think this obstacle is something God may be allowing to direct me to a different place. I will continue to attend that church as I am able. Yet even in attending there, pray I find kindred hearts and like-minded brothers and sisters. I was so embraced and loved by my former church (I love you Friendship Bible Family!) that I was spoiled; this is the hard part about moving, uprooting! I have heard this usually hits hard after about six months in a new place - this is proving to be true with me.

I pray everyone who reads this enjoyed a blessed Lord's day today! He is our Sabbath Rest, Sunday and everyday.

PS - do you like my new layout?


Anonymous said…
I will be praying. My heart aches as I know what it's like to miss your church family. I miss being there after one Sunday. I do like your new layout! Keep me updated on your search for a church.
I so relate to you right now!! We went to church on Sunday..Mosaic Church. Wow! It is so laid back..I love it! I will be praying for a good church for you!! I love you!

I don't see a change in the layout. There is a different color in the way background....you may want to switch your blogger template...:)
Rebekah said…
Love your new layout!
I understand your feelings and am praying with you.

I wanted to thank you for the info you gave about the fungus in the picture on my blog. So fascinating!
We will be praying for you! We miss seeing you at church.
We will be praying for you! We miss seeing you at church.
I pray that you have had a fabulous week! When do we get to see you next week??

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